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King Arthur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: Arthur Pendragon
Age: 16
Appearance: Arthur inherited some of his father's sharp features, but his face is spared the bony look his father has by his mother's genes. His cheek and chin bones are sharp, but his nose is softer, more buttony, almost childlike looking, and his lips are a little fuller. Arthur is just a tad bit shorter than other men his age, and is fit from training to be a knight himself. He has bright ginger hair and gray-blue eyes, neither of which his parents actually had. Seeing as how people of the time didn't know about recessive genes, this only aids in keeping the public and even Arthur himself from guessing his true heritage. While his face is more pleasant to behold than his father's sharp features, he isn't mind-blowingly handsome, just better than average.
Personality: At this point in our story, Arthur is a bit immature and sort of angry at the world. He is often pulling off stupid stunts and tricks, playing pranks, and playing the part of quite the flirt. In a word, he thinks himself a rebel, though most people just see him as a nuisance. As time goes on and things progress more and more toward chaos, he'll mature some, but he'll never entirely rid himself of his reckless behavior.
Quick Bio: Having been raised by the mild-mannered Lord Ector, who is one of the poorer noblemen around, Arthur feels he fits in with neither noblemen or commoners alike, and trusts only who he thinks is his stepbrother, Kay. He often finds himself wondering how his life would be different were they rich, or had the woman he assumes was his mother had survived the disease outbreak of his early childhood. He has never been mistreated, no matter how much he moans about being one of two noblemen's sons (his stepbrother is the other) who has a list of chores to do regularly.


Sir Kay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: Kay Celydon
Age: 18
Appearance: Kay is a very, very tall young man; most people of average height have to crane their necks in order to converse with him. Just like his father, Kay has medium brown hair with hints of red and dark blue eyes, as well as a wide, rounded jaw with a slight cleft to the chin. He is broad-chested and can boast of being one of the strongest around and has rather large muscles. Like most people, he assumes Arthur's red hair is indicative of his relationship to the Celydons, though no one else in the family ever had it in such a vibrant shade.
Personality: Kay is very protective of Arthur, though there are some moments when he's jealous of his younger foster brother. Kay can be envious, quick to anger, and sometimes even a bully. He is strong-minded or pigheaded, depending on who one is talking to. On the flipside, he is very loyal to his family and his friends, and will do anything for them or to defend them if necessary. In times of need, there are few men more reliable than he.
Quick Bio: Kay has spent a lot of his time looking out for Arthur and attempting (and often failing) to keep him out of trouble. There are many times when he resents this unofficial position, but he stubbornly keeps at it since his father's knee gave out years ago and never healed properly. A lot of people have come to see Kay as Arthur's body guard of sorts, or to expect trouble if Kay appears to be searching for Arthur. Unlike Arthur, Kay doesn't mind the chores; it means he doesn't have to look after Arthur, after all, and can't be blamed if Arthur's up to something stupid.

Since he was only two at the time of Arthur's birth, he does not remember that his stepmother did not have him. He does remember, however, when his stepmother died, for he was four. His own mother died having him, but, unlike Arthur, he doesn't hate the universe for his mother's death.

(Ooc Author's notes: Based Kay more on the Welsh legends than the later ones, and most old paintings of Arthur depict him with red hair, so I decided to stick with it)


The Celydons had arrived slightly late, thanks, of course, to Arthur; Arthur hadn't wanted to go at all. Now, normally, the redhead reveled in the opportunity to make an entrance, to either flirt or stir up trouble, or both. Preferably both, actually.

But not today. He'd practically had to be dragged from the Celydon estate near what would later be called London. But this was a celebration held by King Uther, and lately Arthur had noticed the king watching him specifically. Why? Had he finally gone too far, committed a capital crime? Was there some special interest the king had in him, the lowly son of a lord? Whatever the case, the strict Uther gave Arthur the chills, and he wanted to avoid the man whenever possible... which wasn't nearly as often as he liked, sadly.

Such as today, at this celebration. So, instead of striding in confidently as per usual, he sort of skulked in and skirted around the edges of the room, amusing and bemusing both Kay and Ector. Ector shrugged it off, and privately wished that Arthur always behaved this way, while Kay sighed heavily, ran a hand through his mop of auburn hair, and followed his brother.

“So, what has your pants in a twist?” Kay asked gruffly, folding his thick arms across his chest.

“Hmm? What? Oh, nothing, nothing at all,” Arthur lied, leaning against the wall and doing his best to look collected.

Kay snorted. “If nothing was bothering you, you'd be out in the center of this room, sweet-talking the ladies,” he said, arching a thick brow. When Arthur seemed to relent and motioned with his hand for Kay to lean in closer, Kay hesitated, then did so.

“It's the king,” whispered Arthur.

“The king?” echoed Kay, his eyebrows shooting high up his forehead. “What about him?”

“I- I don't know, he's just been watching me, and it's creeping me out,” Arthur replied.

Kay chuckled. “Little brother, King Uther watches everybody like a hawk; it's just in his nature.”

“Well, yes, but I feel like he's watching me more, almost- almost as if he has some sort of special interest in me.” Arthur paused and licked his lips nervously, then said, “Have I done anything lately that's bad even for me? Does he fancy me a real criminal?”

“Hmm? No, not that I can think of; your pranks are largely harmless, if annoying, nothing that would warrant an execution. I think your neck is safe...” Kay couldn't help but grin and add, “...for now, at least.”

“Thanks for nothing, Kay,” sighed Arthur.

“Besides, if he is watching you more then anyone else – and I'm not admitting he is, mind- then won't he be suspicious if you slink off and lean against a wall quietly?” Kay said thoughtfully after a moment.

“You're right. And maybe if I talk to someone, I'll forget about him watching me,” Arthur agreed.

“Or, better yet, a lady,” added Kay.

“You're actually encouraging me to go flirt?” Arthur asked. Then he laughed. “Will do!” He surveyed the room, trying to pick out a suitable girl, when he spotted her, the blonde. Had he not tried to hide himself, he wouldn't have seen her at all, hiding in the corner along the same wall as he but a ways further down. “The blonde girl, do you know who she is?” Arthur asked Kay, nodding to Guinevere.

“No idea, she's a new face,” Kay said. “Doesn't look very receptive, though,” Kay added, a warning flashing in his blue eyes.

“Ah, but that's the best part, opening her up. Now, see how she's standing? She doesn't like it here, obviously, wishes to be somewhere else. Look at her clothes; either her father keeps her locked up tight or she hates the lower necklines, possibly flirting, too. Way to crack this nut is to pretend to be avoiding the party just as much as she is... and, if she's really new, she won't have heard my reputation,” Arthur said, eyeing up Guinevere and analyzing her.

“Uh oh, here comes trouble,” murmured Kay, rolling his eyes. He recognized that look; Arthur wouldn't stop until he won the girl.

“I'll see you later, Kay... don't hover too close, okay? I'll have to play this one slow; no trouble yet, I promise,” Arthur said.

Kay sighed. “There'll be no stopping you, either way... but I'll still keep an eye on you. Keep in mind that, whoever she is, she's a lady; keep her virtue intact, at least.”

“What do you take me for, a barbarian?” Arthur said before walking casually over toward Guinevere.

He didn't quite reach her before he sighed and leaned against the wall again, mimicking her far-off expression. He stayed like that for a moment, then pretended to notice her for the first time. “Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Did you want to be alone? I can leave, if you want... I just wanted to get away from- from that,” Arthur said, waving his hand at the dancing and looking mildly disgusted.

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