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Guinevere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: Guinevere
Age: Fifteen
Appearance: Conventionally good-looking, blond hair, green eyes, fair skin. She can be described as 'pretty' or 'beautiful' however she's not stunning.
Personality: Guinevere is generally quite friendly and cheerful however she's also impulsive stubborn and is often ignorant of others emotions and needs. She's very defensive of those she admires and of her friends and family yet her temper and hard-headedness often lead to her holding grudges for a lot longer than she should. Despite all this she's a good friend, most of the time.
Quick Bio: Guinevere is the daughter of Leodegrance, one of Uther's strongest supporters and also an important noble. The family only consists of herself and her father, after her mothers death and her sisters decision to move on. It was this that played an important role in Leodegrance's decision to move to Camelot upon an invitation from Uther himself. The two moved and have only been in Camelot a few weeks. In this short time Guinevere hasn't managed to make many friends, and Leodegrance has been busy reminiscing with the king.
Compared to many girls, Guinevere was lucky to be born into the family she was. There's never been any abuse, mental or physical. Both her and her father get along quite well apart from the occasional argument caused by the two's similar wild tempers. However in between these flare-ups they have a fairly stable relationship and although it isn't the best, it certainly isn't the worst.

Guinevere stood alone in the corner of the room, although she usually quite liked big celebrations, the feats and dances held in Camelot were different to the ones she used to attend. Several weeks ago she would have been able to attend with a group of friends, they could have danced and had a good time without much thought, however many things in Camelot seemed to revolve around status, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. Besides, the ladies here were different from her former friends. Many of them dressed in dresses that seemed much to revealing and Guinevere wouldn't be caught dead in. It was pointless really, they were only encouraging the men of the royal court to treat them as objects. Guinevere would not be treated as an object, hence she'd rejected several slightly drunken offers to dance.

She glanced in her father's direction, slightly enviously. Leodegrance was busy reminiscing with Uther, the two roaring with good-natured laughter. She turned her attention back to the tables ladened with food and the dance floor ladened with fine cloth and perfume. Guinevere watched the glitzy dresses lass her one by one and tried to look inconspicuous. The last thing she needed was to look arrogant, no matter how much she disapproved of the sleazy lines she heard coming from the vague direction if several of Uther's drunken knights. The best way to look inconspicuous was to eat or drink, it also made it quite clear that she had no interest in dancing. One of the more irritating side effects was that of feeling slightly queasy and she had to savor each piece of food while looking as though she was still hungry. Guinevere moved over politely to make way for a group of excited females before assuming her previous position next to the table. It was going to be a long night.

- - -

Uther Pendragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: Uther Pendragon
Age: Fifty or so
Appearance: Tall, average weight, grey eyes, black hair. He has a small but neat beard, and he has quite a sharp bone structure. Although he isn't too bad looking for his age he certainly isn't handsome.
Personality: His wit is almost as sharp as his bone structure. Uther is the sort of man who can find the fault in almost anything but barely mentions the positives. He's very intelligent and is a fantastic strategist however he's often very cold and isn't one to dish out praise. He can come of as arrogant, but his determination is impressive. He's certainly not shy and he's an extremely ambitious man.
Quick Bio: Uther, like his son was born to be king and was brought up in such a manner, hence his manner and personality. Perhaps the only thing that haunts him is the knowledge that Arthur, his only son, was born of an affair not related to marriage. Arthur's true mother Igraine, disappeared soon after her son's birth much to Uther's dismay. However Arthur was raised to become the next king of Camelot however not by Uther, his father's affair covered up with powerful magic and lies. The kingdom was told that Uther's true wife was killed during childbirth when in fact she was assassinated on the day she supposedly gave birth. This served Uther and Igraine's story well and no questions were asked. The guilt however, lived on in Uther and he's never revealed what actually happened between him and Igraine to anyone, not even his son.
Merlin managed to convince Uther that the best way to care for his sone was to allow him to be raised by one of the lower nobles. This way Arthur would get a sense of the highs and lows of the kingdom rather than becoming spoilt or arrogant. Uther agreed, wanting to allow his son the chance to become the best leader possible, however has always kept an eye out for his son from a distance however has never showed any sort of emotion towards his son and will only address him by his name, not wanting to express any sort of love.

Uther stood next to his old friend and surveyed the celebration. The two had spent over an hour already reminiscing old times and during these pleasurable moments he had lost sight of his son. It was no secret he held high hopes for Arthur, he wanted him to have a good marriage, become a fearless leader, continue to lead Camelot forward with the same determination he, Uther, had. However in the midst of the cheer he had momentarily forgotten these hopes. Now they resurfaced and he kept a keen eye out for any trouble around the room. Several of his knights had found partners and with the introduction of music had begun to dance, attracting more people by the minute. As far as he could tell Arthur wasn't among them, and he turned a critical eye back to Leodegrance. If Arthur performed any out of place actions tonight he would have hell to pay tomorrow morning. He would make sure of that, even if he wasn't dealing out the blows himself.

- - -

Percival - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: Percival
Age: Seventeen
Appearance: Average, height and weight. His features resemble that of a sheepdog, shaggy brown hair and brown eyes, although he also has a air few freckles. He isn't particularly handsome, nor is he particularly ugly.
Personality: The most appropriate word to describe Percival's personality is unsure. He's quite uncertain and though he's fairly intelligent he rambles a lot. He is, though, a very good friend, once you get to know him. He's not very good with people, unlike a lot of other knights. He is appears to be eternally optimistic.
Quick Bio: Percival is the son of King Pellinore and has dedicated most of his life to obtaining knighthood, which eventually managed to accomplish after drastically improving on his swordsmanship. He doesn't have any siblings and his father is usually busy with his duties as king. However he's come to think of Camelot as home seeing as he spends so much time in the castle. Unfortunately he hasn't always been the best swordsman and when he was little he was picked on by other children because of it, luckily he's a little better now. Besides, he's good with horses, which makes up for a lack of hunger for violence.

Percival looked around the hall unsteadily. He was absolutely sure he shouldn't have had that last glass of wine, he'd gone beyond tipsy now and was beginning to feel slightly delirious. Luckily he was supported by the wall behind him, several of the other knights were rather enjoying the attention provided by some of the ladies of the court. Percival had fortunately managed to avoid these attentions which were quite bothersome, besides he'd give the wrong impression if he threw up on his partner, he didn't need that extra trouble.

Come to think of it he was regretting even attending the celebrations, the only reason he had was because it was expected. Percival wasn't usually one for loud music and greasy food. However he much preferred both of these things than being sentenced to death for disrespecting the King's orders. Percival felt himself begin to slide sideways and clutched desperately at the wall. Now probably wasn't one of his best moments, he needed to make sure he never drank that stuff again, it was extremely strong and he was beginning to doubt the existence of his stomach. Percival sighed as he leant his head against the wall. The other knights weren't going to let him forget this anytime soon.

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