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I'm asthmatic. It's the bane of my life, besides numerous other health conditions which are very annoying, too. But, I would say asthma is one of my biggest health problems, and if I had an opportunity to have any single one of them cured, I'd almost certainly go for curing my asthma.

I used to think it would never end, and that I'd eventually end up a wheezing wreck, but I somehow managed to walk eight kilometers... so, I'm not nearly as hopeless as before now. ='D

Asthma can be beaten, as long as you try. For those who don't have it, I'll try to describe what it's like. For me, it feels like whenever I move around too much, somebody puts a noose around my neck. The more I carry on, the tighter the noose becomes, until I take my inhaler. Usually it isn't life threatening if you have your inhalers handy to relieve it (lots of different inhalers exist. I use a reliever and a preventer- the preventer helps to slow asthma down, kind of, and I take it after the reliever, which is the equivalent of locking the door after kicking an unwelcome guest out, if that makes sense.) A management technique I use is to breath in through my nose, then out through my mouth consciously whenever I find myself getting asthmatic. You actually don't draw more oxygen in if you breath through your mouth, but in fact less. This way, I get more oxygen than if I gasped through my mouth, which makes me feel much better. I discover when I continue some physical activity for an extended period of time, I end up more or less outrunning my asthma, and it doesn't come back until well after I stop. I'm not sure if that's the force of an adrenaline rush, or what, but yeah.

I don't claim to be an expert about it, but I'm sure the reason asthma is so debilitating is because it prevents oxygen from reaching the bloodstream, and being carried to the muscles around your body, which is why when somebody's asthma acts up everything feels harder to do.

I can't really state many facts about asthma attacks, as I haven't had too many and I was too busy gasping for dear life to question the doctor on exactly what was going on when I had.

Asthma doesn't get along well with dust, fumes or other small particles that can clog airways.

And interesting fact is that humans don't know how to breath- look around you and you'll see a lot of people breathing differently. Some heavily, some shallow, some through their mouth, some through their nose, blahblahblah. Look at any animals and you'll find they all breath the same way as other member of their species. We humans seem to have lost the art of doing it right. XD

Another way to minimise asthma is to maintain a normal weight and healthy level of fitness. That more or less goes without saying, but it's worth putting it out there anyway. Avoiding smoking anything or drugs is another obvious one, but some people might not make the connection that inhaling smog is bad for your lungs, and even worse if you have asthma. XD

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