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Default 04-15-2011, 06:19 PM

I'm not exactly sure, seeing as I don't take much of an interest in fanfiction, but... ehm. Let me try here.

I hate badly pulled off crossovers. I'm a notorious supporter of crossovers, when they're actually done right. Naruto turning up in Harry Potter is an example of what I view as a bad, baaaad crossover. If a crossover is to be done, the crossed over canons must be similar and they must be fitted together in a manner that makes sense. For example.

Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil could be fitted together with some care; they're both about reanimating/zombifying viruses, and can thus be stuck together easily. CEDA? Front for a branch of the Umbrella Corporation. Green Flu? A highly modified T-virus strain that doesn't kill the victim but does produce a rabies effect, or somesuch nonsense.

Also, I generally dislike crossovers which make too much use of the canon characters. Tyrande Whisperwind having a boxing match with Arwen, for example. One of the satisfying parts of crossovers is seeing how this or that character would react to an element of this or that setting. On the other hand, crossovers which exist solely to produce a martial arts tournament effect between all the characters from each canon suck. End of story.

Another example of what I would view as a good crossover is... Halo and Warcraft. The Warcraft lore in question should NOT be present day; the canons could be fitted together by assuming the Forerunners are synonymous with the Titans and that Gravemind was actually an Old God. Preferably some sort of Old God who was somehow parasitic in nature- the Old Gods were referred to in one lore source as "parasitic, necrophotic symbiotes." It would take a lot of smoothing over of cracks and plenty of inventing straight-up bull****, but it -could- be made to work. A problem would be trying to come up with some kind of good story with such a crossover. You now have Warcraft and Halo slushed up together, but what exactly do you want to do next? That's a hard question to answer. Very, very hard indeed. One idea would be to try and portray a relationship between Gravemind and another Old God, possibly an existing Old God in WoW lore, such as Yogg-Saron or C'thun. Yogg-Saron and Gravemind would produce an interesting plot effect, as the Gravemind is a mass of corpses put together, and is therefore Undead of a sorts, and Yogg-Saron is a "God of death."

Of course, it would probably be a terrible, terrible idea if it was created just to produce a fight between the Gravemind and the Titans. X_x

TL;DR: I don't like when people make bad crossovers. You see? Good. I've seen HP-WoW crossovers. I kid thee not. They were horrifying. Ugh. Brain bleach, please. Thoughts, anybody?

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