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The girl sat alone, awaiting further instructions. From a distance she looked ‘normal’, average height, fair hair, she was perhaps a little on the thin side, but not enough to attract attention, or to be called unhealthy. She focused on the city lights shining outside, a blur of gold, blue and silver. But it wasn’t the lights that gave her the strange feeling of satisfaction she felt. It was knowing that here she could live in the shadows, unnoticed. She enjoyed that. She didn’t like questions, but questions only got asked if people began to become suspicious. Here they were too busy for that. They’d forgotten about what could hide in the shadows a long time ago, either that or they just wanted to ignore it. Either way, it suited her.

Karin Bakke turned her head slightly as she heard voices outside, two humans discussing someone called Lauren. Hearing was one of the pros that came with being a werewolf, along with smell and a decent means of disguise. But with every pro came a con and with every con came a certain weakness. Their voices faded as they made their way further away, leaving Karin to stare out once again at the city. Shadows, fear, death, they were the only things you could truly count on, and all three walked hand in hand…

- - -

The thirty-something year old man leant forward, picking at the remains of his pasta salad. was reading the same article in the same newspaper as Dark Star although he was sitting in leather chair facing a polished wooden desk and he was wearing a suit that looked as though it cost around the same amount as both these pieces of furniture put together. Axel Wayman was a politician not that that meant anyone knew his name. He was one of the underrated souls who ran around picking up after the big names and right now he had a fair bit to pick up. The assassinations were getting more brutal by the week, and so far America had done very little about it. In actual fact the USA had been working on plans to strengthen their global connections. All these plans had now been abolished.
He sighed as he read over the details one more time, it had been brutal and he didn’t like it. He was far too patriotic to like it. Whoever was organizing this had some serious grudges. He made a mental note to make a few calls later and see what he could find out. Right now his first priority was his next meeting which was in precisely ten minutes. He pulled s small mirror out of his desk, he looked fine, nothing was stuck in his teeth…in fact he was doing well for his age, he would go as far as to say he still looked a few years younger than he was. With a few final adjustments to his tie he left the office, closing the door behind him. The newspaper however was still open on his desk and the article was still there in the back of his mind.

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