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A very tall, very dark-skinned, heavyset but very curvy girl in a pair of jeans, white sneakers and a maroon tanktop wandered down a meticulously clean hallway lit by faintly buzzing flourescent lights. Her brow was furrowed, her full "bubble" lips pursed as she examined a crudely drawn-out map, trying to work her way to the room the scientist had told her about. After getting turned around a few times and double-checking her route whenever she thought she'd gotten back on track, she finally thought she'd made it to the right spot.

This girl, Omarosa Jatta, was an exchange student from the Cote D'Ivoire, and she was majoring in biological sciences. Normally, she was a very up-front, confident and slightly nosy girl, but today she was quiet and quite nervous; she'd never been here before, and she hardly knew what to think about the woman who'd invited her. Omarosa, or, Rose, as she would have it, bit her lip and lifted her large bag that contained her notes and materials for a project she'd been working on. Supposedly, the other scientist had taken an interest in Rose's work, which Rose find flattering; too bad Rose had no idea who this scientist was, though she'd seemed pretty legitimate. Did I make a mistake coming here? She thought to herself.

It had happened just the other day, when Rose was headed to the college labs to test her theory; she'd bumped into a woman when crossing the street, and her notes went flying. Apologising profusely, Rose had scrambled to get her sheets before they were trampled or blown away, and the other woman had, too. Except the other lady paused and seemed to be reading the papers with some interest.

The tall, dark blonde woman lifted her blue eyes from Rose's papers and introduced herself as a scientist named Dark Star. Evidently, she was impressed by Rose's work. Rose had been shocked, especially when the scientist continued by inviting Rose to her own lab.

Now, having made it and followed the strange science-lady's instructions exactly, Rose was considering turning around and leaving. But she sucked up her courage, lifted her large, coffee-colored hands and knocked on the lab door.

Only thing to do now was wait.


Deep within the heart of a certain base, a woman who could still be considered young by many carefully shut the door to a lab behind her. She combed through her shining, golden hair with her fingers and put it up into a ponytail, then donned a white lab-coat over her powder blue tee-shirt and jeans. She sighed as she slipped on a pair of purple latex gloves, wishing for what seemed the millionth time that she could have access ot any other color but purple; she looked like that cartoon scientist, Dexter, like this.

But there were, of course, more pressing matters at hand; she had a deadline to complete her research and, minor irritations like the color of her gloves aside, there was someone she needed up be better than; her d@mn goody-goody, slightly anti-social cousin, Dark Star.

The woman's name was Angel Tears, though she introduced herself strictly as Angel. She was a tall woman who might have ended up a little plump and pale like her cousin but instead strictly kept track of her diet and excercise routine and ended up with a nice hourglass figure, as well as tanning some. Her eyes were grey-green, and everything about her outward appearance was polished to perfection; skin clear of blemishes, nails polished and cuticals kept in check, eyebrows meticulously plucked, laser treatment on her all the places she didn't want hair to grow, golden hair conditioned and straightened. Angel was, in effect, Star's exact opposite; Barbie-pretty and peppy on the outside, cold-hearted and cruel as a viper on the inside.

Angel hummed to herself as she got out her materials, knowing full well the sort of carnage her research was going to help inflict and not caring a jot so long as she got what she wanted. In this case, she wanted to outshine her cousin, and the Grand Master had promised her that she'd get ample opportunity for that. Angel was no fool, and knew that the Master was essentially playing her for her need to outdo her cousin, but didn't care too much; he provided her with the lab, the materials, for free; all she had to do was meet his deadlines, really.

All in all, it was a pretty good d@mn deal... well, except for the lack of men to sleep around with, of course.

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