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Ooc: Sorry for holding things up. ._. *Kickstart*

Cyril was by now dawdling on the edge of the descending platform, which was soon to be grinding down the elevator shaft with an irritating noise. The red lights flickering on the shaft walls were an irritating, and so was the interior itself. Too much **** metal. Why was nobody interested in stonework anymore? If they wanted to live in a giant tomb, the BPRD could at least have decided to make it more tombly, instead of a giant metal box, thought Cyril. Mmm. Tombs. You couldn't go wrong with tombs; they'd been made to stand the test of time, and they certainly did.

Cyril looked at the various other new arrivals, and eventually tapped one person on the shoulder. The person turned around to look at him, and Cyril pulled his hood down, exposing his slightly perturbing face.

"Any idea how far this goes down?"

"...No clue, sorry."

The person turned away again rather quickly, and Cyril had to suppress a snicker. Cyril walked away to a small pile of crates that was present at the edge of the platform, and, removing his backpack, dropped it on the crate and opened the zip, going over his various belongings.

Guns. Check.
Knives. Check.
Grenades. Not check. Sigh.
Other random assorted half-necessary trash. Cheeeeeeck.

Cyril closed the pack again, hoping that the BPRD facility was very far underground. He also hoped that the lift would begin descending soon. He remembered how he'd gotten to this point; he'd been in the process of draining a human soul when a BPRD agent had burst into the room, and waved a fancy gun at him. After a half-fight, half argument, and some-part discussion, he'd asked to join. The agent had been delighted with this turn of events, as it meant he wouldn't have to face down a Revenant. While the BPRD had originally been cynical about the fact he'd been draining a human, they'd dropped the subject when he agreed he could work with chicken souls just as well.

Mmm. Chicken.

“I mean a weapon you hold. You have a gun, Tanith has a sword... I want a stick.” ~ Valkyrie Cain
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