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Default 12-28-2010, 03:52 PM

Originally Posted by LancasterPrincess View Post
I absolutely ADORE your work. You're so talented, and your posts are always amusing to read.

Out of all your posts since November I only have 1 CC. The hair on the girl for the gift you gave to the Dark Lord: Since it's a half-pony tail the panel of hair on the dolls right side (I thinks) should have started further back, like at the lip or chin. Right now it looks like only half her half pony tail is put up, so it looks like the right side lays flat like a simple parted down-style and the quarter you see is in the "half" pony. I hope that makes sense, lol.

Even so, that's just technical stuff, the hair technique was flawless IMO and truly stunning.
Her hair is actually like this:

Both sides are laid flat, and at the bottom there are curls. Lazy me = no curls. LET'S JUST PRETEND I HAD A BAD HAIRDAY KK I was going for the effect that one side was falling down like normal, and the other was draped over her shoulder. *___*
Thank you very much. :'D I don't think I'm that good...I mean, like, KawaiiHannah and MistressJaeden are definitely better... And I'm glad you think I'm amusing. >D Laughter is the best medicine.
Except when you laugh too much. Then that's just weird. :\
It's defffinitely not flawless, though. Hahah. I can name at least five things per picture right off the bat. I'm too lazy to edit them, though. = =;
Another bad thing about me. Laziness. ROFL

Originally Posted by Miranda_ View Post
I love the avvie art; I always do love avvie art that people do, but most people charge far too much. I mean, I understand it takes work and all, but what people charge is way out of my price range.

I had Hermes Moon for a while, got bored with it and sold it. XD I really need to get some new items in the New Year.
I do love avatar art as well. ^__^; But I hate doing avatar art that's with animals, or some sort of complex background. Which is why I gave up pixelling for gold - it's too much of a hassle and you only get 5~50k per doll.
I mean, I did a chibi - took me till 5 AM - and got 50k. My fingers were burning 'cuz I don't use a pattern when I dither - I actually draw out each pixel. =___='' //failed

Thank you. Hmm.
Well, there are people who sell their work at 5, 10k. I was selling at 25k earlier and that's pretty affordable. Still, nowadays when people can make 200k a day by farming in Papa Saw and 300k a day by farming in Shallow Seas, prices are of course going to inflate. xD

And lots of people have enough gold to spend on stuff like this. This girl obviously had enough gold. I don't actually think that anyone's overpricing... If you look at the drawings that are like 22m, the people are not overpricing. People just want to pay that much because they really want that person's art, it's worth that much. o.o;

As easy as my headshots look, I worked from 7 pm - 5 am for Artemis's, and it took two days. So total of twenty hours, give or take a few. And that's a HEADSHOT lulz. I'd hate to think about those pro-artists and how long they spend on their art. Dx;

There are people selling art for cheaper prices. For example my bribe shop's actually starting bribes at 100k per headshot. But this girl went all out with 300k, and the higher the price the more determined I am to finish it quickly, or else I would've taken a total of four or five days. I'm really glad she liked it and had no complaints. o.o;

xD Ikr - my dream avi needs like 7.4m more - I seriously need to sell more artwork + do some PS hard runs....
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