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Default 12-28-2010, 10:30 AM

Wow, I can't believe I never updated this?

Thank you so much for all your help Kitty! And I know this is sort of grave-digging, but I wanted to add in my info in case some other poor soul comes across this thread for help in the future.

As it turns out I had some serious hormonal problems that needed tending to. I had NO idea that I had these problems, though there's no way I could have since my circumstances were rare.

Aparently I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome...or w/e) It's a serious thing and can be very scary, though I have not researched it much BECAUSE it scares me. So if you're curious about it, you'll have to brave Google yourself, lol.

All I know, that I can handle knowing, is that my ovaries don't produce enough female hormones, but I've got either an abundance of, or at least an obviously outweighed amount of, male hormones (EVERY woman is supposed to have BOTH hormones btw...).

Anywho, I'm normally on birth control, which gives me female hormones, so I never knew the difference that my body wasn't making them on it's own. I've always had severe PMS, but the reason behind that is the overload of male hormones when the pill stopped giving me female hormones for my period. When I stopped the birth control, as we were contemplating starting our family, my periods stopped with it. It had happend before and happens to 10% of women who stops taking the pill. (Amenorrhea...or however it's spelled, lol. It's the lack of a period.) There's another pill that can jump-start your period but you can wait it out and it will usually start in/around about 3 months of absense. After 4-5 months of absense I began to worry, so I went to the doctor. They said they COULD give me the pill to jumpstart my period, but they could instead run tests to figure out WHY I never started, which would be ideal information for when we decide to start our family as you have to have ovulation to get pregnant, and I wasn't doing that.

After several several tests, and several several visits, we came to the conclusion of possible PCOS. It was POSSIBLE because normal symptoms include excess and heavy periods, but I was having NONE. So they jump started my period and I had to wait a month to see if it would be any different.


I had 2 heavy periods with only ONE WEEK seperating them. I'm used to LIGHT periods with 3 1/2 weeks seperation. There were also several other embarassing symptoms too...So, it was concluded that I should be tested for PCOS. Which obviously turned out positive as I just mentioned it above. xD

Once my period was jumpstarted I had most of the symptoms of PCOS, the only thing stopping me from seeing those was that I was part of that 10% of women who develop Amenorrhea (lack of period) after quitting BC.

The panic attacks were triggered by my over abundance of male hormones, which embarassing to say, as you couldn't find anyone more dainty than me, was testosterone.

I was put back on my BC so I could keep my female hormones up to par, and if I ever want to have kids there's a hormone pill I can take that does not have BC effects. My doctor presribed some panic attack pills for whenever my hormones get out of balance all of a sudden, which I absolutely HATE taking them as they knock me out cold for several hours.

So all in all...there are more than the obvious outcomes for symptoms of Panic Attacks and probably other things too... Be sure to go to your doctor and tell them EVERYTHING, even if you don't think it's relevant. Believe you me, I didn't have A CLUE that my lack of a period was linked with the block in the solution for my panic attacks, the only reason I mentioned it was because I went to the doctor with a list of things I wanted them to fix, lol. Thankfully my doctors are curious people and want to SOLVE problems, not just fix them. xD

Oh and btw, I don't get panic attacks when I'm on BC...I've taken an unfortunate pause in taking it though as I forgot to pick some up for the past 4 weeks and my PCOS is still strong. I've been on a period for several weeks now on and off, though thankfully only the initial week was heavy. I've had several panic attacks in my duration of being off the BC/Hormones. I expect them all (the freaking annoying and persistant periods/spotting, the panic attacks, and other symptoms) to go away as soon as I go pick up my darned BC. I hate that I have to rely on it for more than one reason now. But I have no choice now. This is something I'll have to deal with the rest of my life, and will have to constantly take hormones for to avoid.
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