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Default The Vine - December 2010 - 12-23-2010, 06:38 PM

What's New?
Happy Christmas, folks! This edition of the Vine also includes a gift doll on the occasion of the wintertime holiday of your preference.

Overall, the forums have been in a festive mood. A Secret Santa event is being held, as usual this time of year, and the deadline for turning in gifts is today. If you signed up but haven't yet turned in your gift, do so quickly!

There have also been some rather big updates. Namely, the official Dollsters website is up, though under construction, and can be viewed here. Suggestions for additions and improvements are welcome and should be posted in this thread.

Work has also begun on the Dollsters community dollmaker. If you want to contribute, check out this thread.

In other news, the results for the Halloween contests have finally arrived. The overall winner was Miranda, second was antimaie and third place was a tie between Aussiemum777 and Elanorea (that's me!). Results for individual contests can be seen in their threads.

The Miss Mary Sue pageant is also over. The winners of the handdrawn and dollmaker competetitions are spirit_queen and Kiwi_Kat, respectively. Congratulations!

Doll of the Month


Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream by LancasterPrincess (Miss Mary Sue round 3 entry) - This doll displays an excellent use of colour, containing mostly gold hues with just enough variety to not appear too monotone. The shimmery shading for the mermaid's tail is also very nicely done. But what really makes the doll stand out is the use of scenery, showing how a rather plain (if well-made) doll can be made much more interesting by giving it some context. The waves crashing against the rock are beautifully done, and that little starfish is just adorable.


This month's dollmaker award goes to everybody participating in the Dollsters community dollmaker project! Thank you for all your lovely contributions.

Art of the Month
Bandit Queen by AaronShadows - Looking at this pencil drawing, one has to admire the clean lines and the intricate detail on her weapons and armour. Yet her face remains in shadow, giving her an air mystery. Her pose is badass, seemingly relaxed but ready for battle. All in all, this drawing does a marvellous job at portraying a character who is dangerous and enigmatic.
Want to comment? His thread is here.

Guess the Member
Haven't managed to get in touch with Wolfie yet, so this month's Guess the Member is going to be delayed. Sorry about that!


Happy birthday to Heva_Banana_Mad, princessmeplz, nslaney, Panic_Overload and CatTheNinja!

Holiday gift

Adoptable for all members!

You will be afflicted with diarrhea as a result of eating some Latvian confectionery of dubious quality. It would be a good idea to move to a different country, like, RIGHT NOW.

Your likelihood of being abducted by aliens is twice as high as usual. Of course, zero times two is still zero. Bad luck will follow you around like a piece of toilet paper stuck to the sole of your boot.

You're probably going to get fired anyway, so why not quit your job in the most spectacular fashion possible? At any rate, it would be a good idea to carry a baseball bat at all times.

To ensure a healthy sex life for the following month, print out a copy of this newsletter and fax it to everyone you know. Remember not to eat the yellow snow.

You will dislocate your shoulder in an attempt to lick your own elbow. This month, you should work on your people skills. PROTIP: Avoid babbling incoherently.

You will discover that money doesn't bring happiness, and neither does spending it all on novelty paperclips. Now is a good time to think of founding your own political party.

You will discover that even common garden tools can be lethal in unskilled hands. According to the state of the planets, there will be delicious cake in your future.

Success makes you happy, while failure makes you sulk and throw tantrums. Unfortunately, we foresee more of the latter in the coming month. Consider showering more frequently.

You often try to act cool, but frankly, you're just embarrassing yourself. Stop it while you still have some dignity left. A life-changing event may possibily occur in the near future.


Your friends will post an extremely embarrassing video of you on Youtube, and you will become an instant internet celebrity. You will break every single one of your new year's resolutions within the first week of January.

There is disaster looming in your future; however, trimming your eyebrows and/or staying away from flammable objects may help avert it. You may be ugly, but your personality is hideous.


You will inadvertently view an episode of a TV-show you hate, and end up enjoying it. This will cause an existential crisis. Venus (the planet, not the razor brand) is totally out to get you.

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