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Name: Diego Blake.
Codename/Alias: Mad Dog, which he approves of; Dingo, which he doesn't.
Age: Fifteen.
Species: Mutant.
Occupation: Jack of all trades; due to his power, Diego can turn his hand to anything within reason.
Abilities: Diego has what he calls "hexing"; in the most simplest terms, he can make the impossible, possible.
Bio: Diego, unusually for a mutant, who normally develop their powers in their teenage years, developed his at the age of five. The powers were extremely strong, and using them when he had no understanding of them let alone any control made him seriously ill and he spent most of his childhood in and out of hospital. His parents and the various doctors who attended to him were baffled; the illness was accompanied by strange happenings that occurred around Diego and to people around him which no-one could explain. Eventually, the stress told on Diego's parents, and they divorced. His mother took his two younger brothers, and Diego stayed with his father for a while, before his father remarried. He eventually went to live at a hostel, still without total control over his powers, having had very little training on the matter. While Diego remains a teenager, he can never have full control over his powers as they have manifested in a way that ensures that only a full grown adult could ever have total control. As long as Diego uses his powers in moderation, he's fine; however, overusing them will result in a migraine. He eventually was persuaded to join the BPRD by an emissary, Tamsin, who came to the hostel to speak with him.
Appearance: Average height and build, grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, fairly ordinary looking.
Personality: Blunt, sometimes rude and abrasive, Diego can be nasty at times to anyone who he feels is being patronising or condescending towards him. He doesn't work well in large groups, prefering to work solo or with one or two other people. Diego is stubborn and also impulsive, and rarely exercises control, even tho he is fully aware of the consequences that will abound if he overuses his power.
Weaknesses: Will rush in headlong if there is any danger without considering action first, and isn't very good at taking advice. Diego's main physical weakness is also his main strength; his powers. If he overuses his powers, the resulting migraine will knock him out for several hours; he will get a severe headache, disrupted vision and vomiting.
Other: Diego acts in most ways like a typical teenage boy. He has received to date very little training on handling his powers.


Name: Tamsin Neves.
Codename/Alias: Icedrake.
Age: Twenty.
Species: Mutant.
Occupation: Ice and water control; also, recruitment.
Abilities: Ability to control ice, also can create ice out of surrounding water.
Bio: Joined the BPRD at the age of sixteen, now works for the group juggling missions with recruitment. Tamsin keeps a watch on news reports in papers, TV reports and also online to see if there are any likely candidates for joining the BPRD. Tamsin's own powers manifested at the age of fifteen, and she has been thoroughly trained in their control so can do a wide variety of things with her powers, from creating an intricate ice sculpture for a centrepiece... to firing ice daggers at enemies made from the water vapour in the air.
Appearance: Tamsin has long, blue-white hair which she usually keeps tied back in a plait; blue eyes and is fairly tall with an hourglass shape. She hates her big hips and wishes she had a more sylph like figure, so is constantly watching her weight.
Personality: Tamsin is bossy to a point, especially if she is trying to get a task done, but works well with other people and easily adapts to different situations. She's fairly clever and very talkative with it.
Weaknesses: Tamsin has the weaknesses of a normal human, altho as a mutant, she's a lot stronger. She also is allergic to bee stings.
Other: Tamsin can be a bit lazy as regards her training; she has the potential to be a lot better with her powers, but she'd have to put in a lot more work than she currently has!


Diego approached the building in front of him with some trepidation; he glanced again at the letter Tamsin had sent him from the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense which gave him full written instructions on how to reach the building and what to do when he got there. He crumpled the letter in his fist slightly and scowled; Diego hated feeling powerless, and the fact that he had to go to this place and present himself to the judgement of unknown people only added to that feeling. He wanted more than anything to work off the feeling by hexing something, but fought back the impulse as he knew full well that it wasn't the best way to make a good impression if he ended up setting the place afire or creating strange sculptures out of the arcitecture.

He entered the building thru a nondescript door, then walked down a corridor to a room which, according to Tamsin's letter, was the place where he had to wait til someone came down to see him. Diego sat down on one of the chairs provided and settled down for a long wait. He checked again that he'd brought everything needful, his eyes occasionally flickering accross the wall to the elevators on one side and the doors on the other. He glanced at his watch.


Tamsin sat up in her office reading thru a pile of newspapers. Tho it might look as tho she was simply relaxing, in fact it was part of her job to read the newspapers in order to check for unusual happenings. It might either be a case for a team to be sent to investigate, or it might be a chance at recruitment. That was how she'd discovered Diego; from an article about his so called mystery illness in a tabloid newspaper. Tamsin had recognised Diego as another mutant like herself; save his power was obviously causing him a great deal of trouble and hers was not causing her any trouble at all. After getting permission, Tamsin had gone to the hostel where Diego was staying and had gone thru the necessary motions to get him to come to the building and present himself. He was young, it was true, but she felt that it was to the general good that he be trained in control as soon as possible, before he did either himself or someone else an injury and attracted unwelcome attention.

Tamsin herself had joined at the age of sixteen, when she was just about getting used to the powers that she had developed the year before. These were connected to ice, and came in extremely handy in various situations. Tamsin knew that she could, if she worked on it, do even more with her power, but felt at the moment that she just could not be bothered. As a mutant, Tamsin was one of a group of evolved humans that lived among so called "normal" humans and who were often per'secuted as a result. She didn't care a jot for this in the slightest, prefering to use her powers in helping the BPRD to the best of her ability.

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