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Default 12-22-2010, 09:31 AM

Name: Cyril Emmerson
Codename/Alias: Ghost. Durp.
Age: Fourteen when became undead, slightly older now, though it doesn't show. At all.
Species: Revenant.
Occupation: Versatile, can interrupt rituals.
Abilities: Control of necrotic energy and self-healing through draining chicken's souls. Necrotic powers are versatile; can be used to manipulate atoms in almost any way, including filling up a dead body and using it as a puppet. Can also be used to reinforce matter. Cyril has to draw on his stash of souls to use these powers, meaning there's a limit to what he can do. Certain supernatural creatures have "special" souls which give him an extra boost. Can use light firearms and blade weapons with passing efficiency.
Bio: Cyril Emmerson is an Undead creature, which came to be after he was shot in the back as a human. He woke up in a morgue, and, deciding his life obviously sucked, decided to take off with his brand-new unlife. Unsurprisingly, he was caught by the BPRD in no time flat, and decided to join them, half for the fun of it, and half to learn more about the paranormal world that hid behind the human one.
Appearance: Dead white skin, which turns gray if he doesn't bother to regenerate it with necromancy, glowing purple eye sockets, curly mouse-brown hair. Clad in ragged black dull-coloured clothing which looks like it's been lying around for a few hundred years in a dusty closet.
Personality: Good teamworker, relatively intelligent and generally bad at giving up. Is capable of brute force and a level of cunning, but rarely uses the latter.
Weaknesses: Possesses all the tact of a flying brick, fails to understand that rushing straight into a fight without any plans doesn't always work, frequently annoying, stubborn, possesses little leadership or initiative, except when left to his own divices for ages, where upon he'll usually come up with some hair-brained scheme of his own. Physical weaknesses include the limits on a decaying human form, although Ghost can handle some degree of dismemberment, cutting the head off should
Other: Should not be fed turkey souls. Under any circumstances.

OOC: Here's the skeleton profile. I'll edit in an opening post as soon as I get a chance to write it properly, without interruption from irritating squires.

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