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Please excuse any typo's grammar or stray pixels I too have been super busy, Lucky to get it in really.

Name: Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings (Tolkein)

Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta was very proud of the party she had created although they looked quite ordinary they were indeed quite extraordinary, it consisted of: A Dwarven berserker, Human warrior, Human wizard, Human ranger and 2 Elf archers myself & Legolas.
It was getting dark as the party sat drinking ale at the “Empty Tankard” Inn (Xylia decided not to partake of the amber liquid this time round, this Inn has too many bad memories she thought) Instead she went to the bathroom to admire herself in the mirror wearing her armour, I look astonishingly beautiful wearing this amazing armour, It’s quite slimmimg too she thought, the craftsmanship is exquisite mentally thanking all of her forest friends for making it for her.
The Enchanted +15 Magic leather armour was made by the old witch in the forest, an enchantment of Stone skin was cast upon it, nothing can pierce it, The Golden cloak was fashioned with gold dust and made by the silk worms who gathered golden dust for many moons to craft it, The bow was given to her by Zagruk the father of their love child, he had obtained the bow after defeating a giant orc 7 moons ago, The bow glows when orcs are near and finally the +3 arrows where given to her by her beloved Legolas.

The party partied through the night:
Gimli son of Gloin known for his love for the golden liquid sat drinking & telling stories of his kin & far off homeland, When I was a young lad......hicccup……I……hicccup……..boredom set in for many as they moved to other locations around the Inn, Gimli in a drunken stupor started abusing his fellow patrons as he slumped to the floor under the table and finally succumbed to slumber
Boromir son of Denethor II sitting casually on a bar stool seemingly unaware that anyone was watching him continued to sweet talk the local barmaid as she sat on his knee giggling flirtaciously with the ever so handsome Warrior, The two excused themselves saying that they needed to tend to the horses in the stables, Hmmm likely story Xyllia thought to herself.
Gandalf the Grey The ever so powerful wizard sat in a comfy armchair beside the fire smoking his pipe, Gandalf started showing off producing great shapes in many colours with the smoke from his pipe he had the small children entertained as they gathered around to hear his amazing stories, full of intrigue they sat wide eyed listening in wonder.
Aragorn the party ranger sat in the corner of the Inn alone, he sat and polished his blade while he pondered the coming battle, he chose not to drink this night, he wanted to keep his wits about him at all times, scouring the inn suspiciously with his eyes he made sure his party was safe.
Legolas well what can I say, The incredibly handsome and perfectly skilled archer had all of my attention, I sat plaiting his long hair into braids, nobody knew of our secret liasons but plaiting hair was a ritual that many took so nothing looked suspicious, or so we thought until we spotted Aragorn seated in the corner smiling surreptitiously at us, He is to be trusted she reassured Legolas.
The next morning:
I smell orc” said Gimli snorted “and it stinks”, The party was assembled atop a mountain looking down the valley of Rohan.
Poor Poor Gimli in his hungover state, Boromir with straw in his hair, Aragorn with his sharp shiny blade, Gandalf coughing & spluttering whilst smoking his pipe and of course the ever so perfect Legolas looking immaculately groomed as usual and of course myself I am sure that I was in absolute awe of everyone there. Everyone was armed and ready for battle until they actually looked over the crest of the mountain and saw the multitude of stinking orcs sitting waiting for what looked like lunch, Loads of body parts were cooked on spits over open fires, the stench of rotting flesh was unbearable.
This is the perfect time for an ambush, Orcs do not fight well when they are hungry, Lets go!
Kicking the horses into motion the party sped down the hill to ambush the unsuspecting hungry orcs, Arrows were fired, Fire balls were cast many were struck down from a distance with missile weapons. Legolas & I let go a stream of arrows which put several orcs out of their misery, Gimli surging forward started hacking away at orcs, many a limb went flying through the air, one such limb landing on Gandalf as he simply but effectively threw it away whilst cursing the unfortunate dead orc who’s putrid blood now stained Gandalf the white’s pure & pristine robes.
Orcs were going down everywhere, The beautiful Valley of Rohan was quickly becoming a blood bath, Aragorn spotted one of the orc leaders, as quick as a flash & ever so efficiently took his head right off clean at the shoulders, he scowled as he looked down at the dismembered head who’s eyes seemed to be looking back at him with intense disdain, Enjoy hell you scum of the earth!
With the battle almost in it’s dying stages and the Orcish leader still yet to be destroyed Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta decided to show everyone was she was made of so wearing her + 15 Magical leather armour that was to die for and the gold cloak that shined like 100 suns she took off down the hill with her red mane of hair flowing behind her she sped past the few remaining orcs & blinded them with her golden cloak, The orc leader saw her coming and sliced at her with his crude blade, His target Xylia yelled a War cry that would make your toes curl as she fired an arrow straight through the orc’s temple killing him instantly, seeing the arrow protruding from the other side of his head Xylia felt victorious and then fell to the ground, she lay there motionless.
Legolas seeing this from a great distance saw Xyli lying on the grass in what seemed to be a large pool of red blood around her body, speeding down the hill to rescue his loved one he stopped short of her and let out a gasp, Xylia lay there crying unable to move as she surveyed the damage of what the great orc had done to her, Legolas...sob...he sliced straight through my hair....sob.... and cut it all off it is strewn all about me sob...sob, Legolas kneeled down beside her and wrapped her in his arms, Xylia to me you are still the most beautiful elf in all of Lothlorien, No-one compares to your beauty, your hair means nothing to me my love… that moment Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta sat up and brushed herself off, she could not believe what her pointed ears were hearing, You Legolas may not care about my hair but to me it is my crowning glory, my strength, my beauty and my all….It is everything! I will not have this talk and with that she walked away to congratulate her fellow party members on one amazing victory.

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