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Default 11-25-2010, 02:02 PM

Fern Broom, code-named Nyx and called Hellchild and Hellgirl by most newspapers and tabloids (respectively, and to be frank she preferred reading the tabloid versions. They were quite enjoyable!), was walking down the hallway of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense's fifth level, a manila folder in her bright red hands as her yellow eyes scanned down the pages inside. Rumors were abounding that Jack the Ripper was still running around and just being a little more selective about his methods (including that of disposal) and many of the officials at the top of the Bureau were suspecting a sentient zombie. She knew though that it was just bull, though; they'd checked everything over for zombie leftovers - vomit, blood, stumbling sounds, the works - and nothing was found.

Oh, how she loved Ripper enthusiasts. She shouldered open the door to the library and put the folder in one of the three stands in front of the large blue aquarium, crossing her arms over her black tube top as she watched Abe Sapien float in the water as he listened to opera on waterproof headphones. He looked so **** happy all the time. "Come on, Abe, time for some air." She tapped on the glass with her knuckles before turning to walk over to the table, hands pulling up her dark blue jeans by the belt that was supposed to be holding them up (though the massive revolver on her right hip probably wasn't helping matters). The icthyosapien pulled the headphones off, blinking both sets of eyelids; Nyx seemed to be in a bad mood, and while he knew better than to peek into her head, it was obvious what was bothering her.

"Did your father take your brother out on a hunt today, Nyx?"

"Yeah. I don't care though, I'm still waiting to get the pins out of my back." She cracked her neck from side to side, making a face as the vibrations of it made the pins itch in her spinal vertebrae; they'd been chasing a Level Twenty Hellhound about a month before and the thing had thrown her into a wall. Said wall was reinforced by steel; said steel was reinforced by, what else, more steel. "Besides, I'm going on vacation soon. Don't know where to." She lifted her head and looked back at Abe as he climbed out of the tank. Her cheeks tinged purple when she realized she was staring at his fascinating stripes and looked back down at the textbooks Hellboy had strewn around. "Really? They're going after a gorgon?" She slammed the book shut with her tail as she turned around, facing the blue man. "They told me they were investigating a lead in the Ripper case," she snapped.

"They didn't want you to worry, Nyx."

"Worry?! It's a d-mn gorgon, Abe!" She slammed a fist down onto the table; the books and candlesticks rattled. "Dad's fireproof, not stone-glare proof!"

"But your brother was born blind. He can deal with it." Fern bit down hard on her lip and crossed her arms, turning away and walking over to a bookcase. How in the hell did she wind up with Bat-Boy for a brother anyway, she thought sarcastically. A low sense of dizziness buzzed in her head, but she ignored it. She'd been running on very little sleep for the past few days, fueled mostly by energy drinks and coffee (and Baby Ruths, a habit fostered by her father as he had been raised by his own). She heard rapid footsteps in the hallway behind her and didn't bother to turn around. There was a loud thump against the closed doors of the library, which crashed open a second too late as her blind brother stumbled down the staircase and landed on the floor.

"Speak of the devil," she muttered, picking up the files she'd been reading earlier and tucking them under her arm. She wanted to get out of the room before her brother started bragging about decapitating a gorgon. Thankfully, before her twin could stand up, a voice came over the system.

"New arrival. New arrival. Everybody please report to the elevator as soon as possible. New arrival."

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