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Default The Vine - November 2010 - 11-23-2010, 03:52 PM

What's New?
For those who haven't been on Dollsters yet, The Vine is a monthly newsletter for our forums. With the news of TDP's revival, Dollsters has mostly fallen out of use, and correspondingly, activity on our old forums has picked up, so we have decided to start posting the newsletter here.

As you can see, I will be posting The Vine from now on, since Queenie doesn't have time to deal with it at the moment. I haven't decided for sure yet, but the newsletter will probably be posted at the end of each month, not in the beginning as previously.

There is also a small addition to the newsletter, namely a gift doll for all our members whose birthdays are within this month. Also, you might notice that the horoscopes are very slightly less accurate than before.

Now, on to site news!
The month of October saw several Halloween-themed events, including both handdrawn and dollmaker contests and a writing contest. Unfortunately, the results are not yet known, since the organiser, Kitty, has been busy with other things.

There is also an ongoing Miss Mary Sue pageant, hosted by Miranda, which is currently on Round Three. New participants are still allowed, so go check it out if you're interested! The second Miss TDP pageant is planned to begin after Miss Mary Sue is finished.

Doll of the Month
Best handdrawn: Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta by Aussiemum777 (Miss Mary Sue round 2 entry). This doll would be worth an award just for the gorgeous shading on Xylia's dress (which is so realistic you feel like you could almost touch it, and so smooth you feel like you want to touch it), but one also has to admire the effort put into detailing the supporting characters. The triangular frame does an excellent job of showing how adding a simple background and frame can give your doll a more complete look, and is also a fitting way to symbolise the love triangle between the characters. Congratulations!
Want to comment? Her doll thread is here.
(I also recommend reading the highly amusing drabble that goes with the doll in the Mary Sue pageant thread)

Best dollmaker: Styraco Queen by LancasterPrincess. A great deal of effort has been put into making the doll look a real queen of dinosaurs - from the scale pattern on her dress and the collar design similar to the head-plates of the Styracosaurs, to the elegant, confident way she holds her trident. The doll matches beatifully with the background, not blending too much and not looking too obviously pasted-in, and the glitter is just subtle enough to be noticeable without being irritating or distracting from the doll. Congratulations!
Want to comment? Her doll thread is here.

Art of the Month
Harry Potter - Jack of Diamonds by noirmali. This was kind of a foregone conclusion due to it being the only non-doll artwork posted in the month of November. I considered not giving out an award this month at all, but decided to give the honour to noirmali anyway, since this does stand as a respectable piece of art on its own. Congratulations!
Want to comment? Her thread is here.

Guess the Member
1. Loves anime
2. Enjoys handdrawn dolling
3. Is an avid RPer.

As always, send your guesses to Wolfie!


Happy birthday to Musa677, xxSabaxx, Andjelija, BreeBree446, delly1 and jenkins!

You will be offered an opportunity. You should consider taking the risk - after all, it's now or some other time. Avoid lawnmowers at all costs.

You will suddenly develop an ability to code in Visual Basic. Maybe you should see a doctor about that? Your loved ones will probably have forgotten that you exist.

Your left big toe will develop a mind of its own and attempt to secede from your body. Being connected to the internet will bring bad luck, so why are you still here?

You will simultaneously be struck by lightning and fall down a manhole. This month, you should concentrate on getting your financial affairs in order. Get a job, already!

You are likely to be eaten by a grue. People often think you're full of yourself, but they're probably just jealous - after all, you're so much better than them.

You always feel like somebody's watching you, but that's probably because you're a paranoid nutjob. Going anywhere near water would be extremely ill-advised.

You will have the greatest idea ever, only to forget it while you're searching for a pen with which to write it down. You will have little success with relationships, and even less success at work.

You will attempt to change your life for the better, but things will turn out the same as always. Pretending to be a potted plant for three weeks seems like a good idea.

You will be falsely accused of petty larceny. Although you pretend to be upset, you're secretly just grateful for the attention. Your life will be outstandingly mediocre.

You will have an epiphany, but decide to ignore it and go play videogames instead. Speaking exclusively in song lyrics for the rest of the month might help you on the path to success.

Always remember that violence is the solution. The sausages are going to come in handy as well. You should attempt to get in touch with your inner self - it's been feeling rather neglected lately.


You will discover a heretofore unknown lifeform growing on a two-month old tuna salad. Now is probably a good time to concentrate on beating your high score in Minesweeper.

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