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Name: Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane)
Age: 14
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Good
Powers or Abilities: Transforming into a wolf or werewolf
Personality: Very loyal to her friends, and can be trusted with almost anything. She has a quick temper and tends to act impulsively, which can land Rahne in a lot of trouble, along with her friends.
Appearance: Rahne is short and skinny, with medium length brown hair that she wears in bunches. She has pale skin with freckles.
Quick Bio: Rahne Sinclair is enrolled in the School for Gifted Youngsters. Wolfsbane has the ability to turn into a wolf, allowing her to secretly go to areas that the other X-Men can't without arousing suspicion, as well as providing her with enhanced senses of smell and hearing. She can also shift to a "werewolf" form that provides both the enhanced senses, fur, tail, claws and agility of the wolf form in combination with her humanoid opposable thumbs, forward-set eyes, etc. She thinks of the X-Men as her pack, and would never do anything to betray them.

Name: Vaughn Brown (Dry Ice)
Age: 14
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Neutral
Powers or Abilities: Vaughn can freeze anything he touches almost instantly
Personality: Vaughn is quiet and, up til his hair and eyes changed due to the manifestation of his powers, he was what people called "invisible", the kid everyone more or less forgot about. Vaughn has a lot of fears, though his most prominent one is of spiders. He can be a bit of a coward and a pushover, and has little confidence in himself.
Appearance: Vaughn is a short boy with what he calls "toothpaste hair", for it's an almost minty blue-white.His almond shaped eyes have spring green irises and vertically slitted pupils like those of a cat. His skin is pale to the point of being transparent, and he burns very, very easily. Thus, he likes to keep himself covered up most of the time.
Quick Bio: Vaughn grew up with his grandmother, for his mother died in a crash when he was a baby. His grandmother had been a kind, loving woman who gave her grandson a great childhood. But when Vaughn turned ten, his grandmother had a heart attack and died on him, placing him in the foster care system.He was already shy to begin with, but being tossed around from one terrible home to the next made Vaughn withdraw even more, especially when fewer and fewer people wanted to take him on after his hair and eyes changed.

Name: Lance Alvers (Avalanche)
Age: 16
Race: Mutant
Alliance: Bad
Powers or Abilities: Able to create seismic disturbances at will
Personality: Lance is somewhat abrasive; he can be rude and argumentative, but he is also a good friend in his own way. He's also not really a team player, unless he has to be
Appearance: Lance is tall and muscular, with longish brown hair.
Quick Bio: Lance Alvers grew up in a fairly unstable home, and when his mutancy revealed itself, his parents were less than thrilled. Due to this, he felt no qualms about leaving them behind, turning to a life of petty-crimes just to survive. While spraying graffitti on lockers in school, he ran into Kitty Pryde, who literally fell through the door of a locker. After a brief squabble between the two when he attempted to get Kitty to help him steal test codes, she joined the X-Men, and he was easy prey for the awaiting Mystique.

Rahne Sinclair literally growled under her breath in annoyance as she came into the living room. She'd been trying to sleep, dammit, and Scott just had to turn the volume up as far as it could go. Grumpy from being rudely awakened and unable to think properly, Rahne approached Scott, stole the remote, and hit the mute button. Sudden, blissful silence replaced the racket. Or, at least until Rahne spoke. "You don't need to have the volume up like that, you can see what the players are doing. You don't need the play-by-play," she growled.

Vaughn Brown sighed as he ripped open the large black trash bag that contained his meager possessions; another house, another cook he'd be staying with. This one had four other foster kids, and he could tell by their dull expressions and blank stares that this couple liked the kids to keep quiet and out of the way.

Vaughn no longer even noticed the weird smell the plastic bag left on his clothes. Three years of being bounced around from foster home to foster home did that to you. Even the ones who weren't that bad eventually tired of Vaughn, because whenever he became freaked his powers went haywire, and all it took to freak him out was one spider.

Fortunately, his powers never killed any living beings, just sort of froze them in place, like they were being suspended, or something, except they felt cold to the touch. It eventually wore off, but that didn't change the fact that whoever had him at the time wanted him gone after it wore off. Vaughn fervently hoped that he wouldn't be made to sleep in the basement, like had had in the last house; so many spiders...

Lance Alvers was an expert at how to pull off the five-finger discount. Despite the fact that he was quite a tall teen, he always managed to get almost anything he wanted and to leave the stores without anyone -be they employee, cameras, or shoppers- noticing. He'd just stolen a pair of designer shades, a pack of gum that was supposed to last a long time but likely didn't, and had even managed a nice pair of shoes.

Feeling quite satisfied for the moment, Lance headed for the fountain in the center of this particular mall, whistling a cheery tune to himself. He checked to make sure he sat on a part of the large, Art Deco style fountain that was out of view of the security cameras and most people. Then, he checked to be sure that his new items wouldn't set off any alarms and stole a handful of pennies from the fountain.

Oh, sure, a handful of penies didn't sound like a lot, but since he did that every time he frequented the mall, it added up to quite a lot eventually. He found it quite stupid that people threw away money on a stupid superstition that never came true. But, well, that just meant more money for him, didn't it?

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