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Default 11-02-2010, 10:19 AM

Name: Lauren Rachel Jessica Marie-Porter
Age: 17
Fandom: GLEE

Drabble: Jessi had nearly all of the men at the school under her control, but she couldn't help feeling like something was missing. She needed everyone to adore her; she was sure they all would. One day after Cheerios practice, she overheard Brittney and Santana talking.

"Have you seen that new girl? She's like, so much prettier than Quinn. We should invite her to Breadsticks. Then we can get to know her better."
"I sometimes leave Breadsticks in the middle of dinner because i have to make sure my reflection didn't leave the mirror."
"Would you focus, Britt? If we can get on her good side, I promise I'll consider making lady-babies with you."

Jessi was thrilled, her heart began to race. she had heard Santana could be very mean, but she admired Jessi's stark raven beauty. And even though Brittney was a bit dull, she was apparently a very good kisser. Jessi mustered up some courage and went to go talk to the two angelic-looking cheerleaders.

"Hey, girls, I couldn't help but overhear you talking about Breadsticks. Is that place any good? I heard they're legally not allowed to stop serving you breadsticks! I'd love to go there sometime."
"Well, you're in luck! Britt and I were just about to go over there tonight. pick you up around seven? And make sure you wear one of your more revealing outfits. we have post-dinner plans that include you."

Dinner was the most magical experience Jessi had ever had. Brittney was incredibly funny, and Santana knew so many interesting things about all of the people in school. After filling up on more breadsticks than she could count, Jessi went back to Santana's place with Brittney. At first she was scared, because she knew Britt and Santana had a bit of thing going on between them, but they begged her to get in on their couple. Britt was a great a kisser as rumor had told, and Santana really did want to have Jessi's lady babies. So much, in fact, that she forgot all about Puck and Finn (and almost Britt, but Jessi wouldn't allow that). The three of them became the hottest, er, triple in the school, and they made the small Ohio town see bisexuality as completely okay. Even though Jessi loved Birtt and Santana, she still enjoyed toying with the emotions of all the boys, and of course they only adored her more for it.

Doll: 8/10. Drabble: 8/10.

Doll Critique.
Looks like a scene straight from the show, with one cheerleader being rebellious and dressing punk.

Drabble Critique.
She turns everything on its head. I think that's enough said. Also, I luled at this line: "If we can get on her good side, I promise I'll consider making lady-babies with you." I don't know if that's actually in the show or not, but it's hilarious!

Doll Critique.
Two twu luvs? Now the Sue's just being greedy. XD But it works so well, especially when teamed with the drabble. My only criticism is the grey part at the back; it doesn't really match with the rest of the background.

Drabble Critique.
Dating two cheerleaders and as well, dating boys? Everyone really does love this Sue, which is certainly a very well executed Sue story. I've never actually watched Glee, but I'm fairly sure that this Sue would be an abomination within the show, and that's more than good enough for this competition. XD

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