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Name: Rogue.
Age: ?
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: Was bad, now good.
Powers or Abilities: Ability to draw upon the aspects of another from skin to skin contact.
Personality: Reclusive and paranoid, due to her powers, Rogue has great difficulty in trusting people. However, once she becomes a person's friend, she's loyal.
Appearance: Rogue is of average height and slim. Her hair is red, with white bits in front. Her skin is very pale. Due to her mutant powers, Rogue has to cover her body as much as possible, and wear gloves.
Quick Bio: Due to various factors, Rogue at first mistrusted the X-men and joined the Brotherhood of Mutants, but eventually she switched loyalties and joined the X-men. Rogue's powers manifested when she was thirteen, when she kissed a boy she was out on a date with, and ended up absorbing his energy. She ran away from home when her father rejected her due to her mutancy, and became very withdrawn as a result. Rogue lived with her foster mother Destiny for a while, before she was approached by the X-men. Not trusting their motives, she joined the Brotherhood at first, before she was persuded to change sides after seeing how the X-men operated.

Name: Raven Darkholme (Mystique).
Age: ?
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: Bad.
Powers or Abilities: The ability to shapeshift.
Personality: Fierce and proud, Mystique also has a terrible temper. She does have a softer side, in which she cares for her children (one adopted, one of her own) but she never shows it.
Appearance: Mystique has medium red hair, is tall and has blue skin in her normal form, but she can look like anyone due to her powers.
Quick Bio: Mystique runs the Brotherhood under orders from Magneto. She is intelligent, cunning, deceptive and dangerous. Her hand-to-hand combat skills are excellent, while her shapeshifting abilities allow her to safely escape almost any situation if needed. This is how she has lived her life so far, drifting from place to place. She abandoned her two sons; one due to being human, the other by accident as she was fleeing. Mystique later adopted Rogue, but gave her to Destiny to be raised. She now is in charge of the Brotherhood, and helps Magneto to recruit new members. Mystique is a threat to any mutants who side with Professor X.

Name: Louise Burton (Bones).
Age: Fifteen.
Race: Mutant.
Alliance: At the moment, neutral.
Powers or Abilities: Can manipulate her bones in any way possible.
Personality: Louise has always felt as tho she doesn't fit in. She's sly and secretive, and can be spiteful.
Appearance: Louise is short and average, with long black and red hair.
Quick Bio: Louise grew up in a household where her parents argued, and she got into the habit of going places on her own to escape. When she was thirteen, her mutant powers manifested, which frightened her as she didn't know what was happening. Her parents dealt with their daughter's mutancy by registering her at the Mutant Registration Agency, as they mistakenly thought that she would be given help and support as a result. Both Louise and her parents are unaware of the real agenda behind the agency.


Rogue sat back on the couch in the living room, trying to read her magazine, but distracted by the loudness of the sports game on TV that Scott was watching. She flicked him an exasperated look; Rogue had once had a crush on Scott, but now, she didn't know what she had seen in him. Rogue turned a page of her magazine and sighed heavily. She felt bored, but also listless; she didn't really have anything to do and couldn't think of any way to alleviate the boredom. At least they didn't have to go to school, it being the holidays. Rogue gave Scott another glare and decided to speak up if he wouldn't turn the sound down.


At the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Mystique put her phone down. She had just spoken to Magneto, who led the group, about Rogue's defection and he'd been of the opinion that there was no point in trying to persuade the girl back. Instead, a replacement was to be sought. Mystique was in two minds about this; on one hand, she wished for her adoptive daughter to be with her and within the Brotherhood; on another, she did at least know that Rogue was safe. Still, Magneto was the leader of the group, and his orders were to be abided by. Mystique would have to find and recruit another member.


In the mall, a teenage girl browsed thru a clothes shop. Louise had escaped the stifling atmosphere of her home once more and had gone to the mall. She sighed as she fingered a top; it was priced well above her means. However, looking thru the stores at the mall was preferable to going home and having her parents arguing all the time. A huge crash sounded to Louise's right; she turned, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. A huge robot, that towered up, its head near the ceiling, had just smashed thru one of the large windows at the entrance to the mall. Louise stood still in the shop as it walked towards her, and then it hit her. It was coming after her!

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