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Name: Ororo Munroe (Storm)
Age: ?
Race: Mutant

Alliance: X-men
Powers or Abilities: Weather control, flight
Personality: Storm is both calm and almost regal manner during good times and bad, she's usually pretty tolerant and patient however she can have her moments. She tends to keep her worries to herself rather than sharing them with other people.
Appearance: Storm is of African origins; she has dark skin and white hair and is both tall and reasonably slim.
Quick Bio: Born in Africa and hailed as a goddess of rain, Storm escaped and built up a new life as a teacher under Professor Xavier. Although for a short amount of time she was tormented by the memories and followed by an African Shaman intent on gaining her powers, Storm managed to put these memories behind her. Meanwhile her sister has had a son, Spyke, whom is training under Professor X at the mansion. She has managed to build up a fairly good reputation for herself as a teacher.

Name: Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Age: ?
Race: Mutant
Alliance: X-Men
Powers or Abilities: Optic Energy beams
Personality: Scott can be both serious and standoffish however is also naturally a good leader. Heís very competitive by nature but at the same time is also very rule abiding.
Appearance: Scottís very tall, with dark brown hair. He wears sunglasses almost all of the time heís out of uniform.
Quick Bio: Scottís life took a bad turn when he, his brother and his parents were caught in a plane crash. His parents managed to tie both him and his brother to a parachute and helped them to escape the crashing vehicle. However the two brothers were separated soon after and sent to different hospital wards. Scott eventually ended up in the care of Professor Charles Xavier. His mutant powers seem to be linked to the effects of the plane crash and it took him a long time to learn to control his energy beams. He now leads a completely different life amongst the students.

Name: Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
Age: 15
Race: Mutant
Alliance: X-Men
Powers or Abilities: Intangibility (the ability to move through solid objects without harm)
Personality: Being almost the youngest of the students sheís considered pretty naÔve and believes many things very easily and also very quickly. Sheís extremely optimistic and open minded although some of her views are overly idealistic.
Appearance: Kitty is of average height, if a little short and appears to be quite light. She has dark brown hair, usually held back in a ponytail and wears the average uniform donned by members of the X-Men.
Quick Bio: Kitty started getting large and often very painful headaches around the age of thirteen, a sign of the mutant powers she was yet to discover. Soon after she was asked to join two separate groups, the X-Men and the Hellfire club, led by Emma Frost. She much preferred the character and personality of Charles Xavier and after her parents and her met with several of the members from the X-Men she decided to join them. She felt especially close to Ororo (Storm) who was the one to tell her who she was and what the X-Men did. After several struggles to convince her parents to let her join the X-Men they agreed and she enrolled with their consent. She is currently the second youngest of the students and took on the name Shadowcat after she joined the crew.

- - -

Storm flicked back a stray hair as she wandered through the crowded walkways of the mall. She was glad to have finally nabbed a few hours to get out and do something other than teaching, which although she loved, could get a bit trying when done 24 hours non stop. She sipped the coffee in her hand as she glanced at the shop windows she was passing. She didnít have any particular items she wanted to buy in mind and it always seemed much more to just take her time looking.
Plastic potted plants lined the edges of the walkways, and sales assistants stood outside their separate workplaces vying for attention. Storm was often glad she wasnít the type to but every pair of shoes or every jacket that passed her way, it made it much easier to shop without stressing her wallet. Usually all she bought was in fact a coffee, like the one she was holding and the odd item of clothing. Spending hundreds on clothes didnít seem to have much point. To be honest she much preferred the things she could wear around Professor Xavierís mansion.
Storm stopped and smiled to herself as she paused outside the arcade, the coffee was much better than usual.

- - -

Scott sat forward on the couch situated in one of the several rooms the students were required to share. He was enjoying all the time he could spend either not training or not attending school that he could. He flicked the television from channel to channel, trying to decide what to watch. He was so absorbed by the activity that he hardly noticed any of the other students who may or may not have been in the room with him.
It was a tough choice, baseball or basketball? He adjusted his sunglasses, although it didnít help him decide and flopped back onto the furniture. He eventually decided to watch the basketball, it was a much closer game and of a higher standard competition. A-grade basketball was definitely more entertaining than C-grade baseball.
Scott turned the volume up.

- - -

Kitty tried to ignore the booming sound coming from the game of basketball blaring out from the television. It seemed to have gotten louder in the past few minutes and it made it hard for her to consider what she should include in her latest email to her parents. So far she had described the grumpy activities carried out by Mr Logan, what exams she had coming up at school and how annoying the fact that the television always ended up on full blast was.
She saved it as a draft and shut the computer, it was impossible to concentrate with running commentary of what was happening in the game booming in the background. She left the table and went to join Scott on the couch.

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