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Name: Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway

Age: 15

Fandom: Shrek

Drabble: The radiant Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway had spent a goodly amount of time wandering the wildernesses, ruining her favorite simple gown with dark purple fabric and cream corset. It turned out that the country of her mother’s birth was called “Far Far Away” for a very, very good reason. And, to add to that, she’d had to fend off trolls and vampires! Lucky she accidentally found out that both species had a fatal allergy to wild garlic.

After running from the fiends, she stumbled upon a secret magical cave. It had a powerful enchantment upon it to keep people out, but Joyce was so pure of spirit and heart that the spell seemed to have no effect upon her. Dismayed over her sad state and her ruined shoes, Joyce sat down immediately upon entering the cave. OUCH! What was that she’d just sat on? It’d had a sharp point, and whatever-it-was had clattered and clanged as it rolled away. Joyce found a box of matches on her person that she’d forgotten she’d packed away and struck one, of course getting it lit on the first try.

And, lo, there before her sat a slightly dingy and battered golden lamp. Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway sighed in relief; she wouldn’t have to traipse about in the woods looking for firewood after all! She gingerly picked up the lamp in her small, delicate hands. Wow, was this thing dirty! Gently, she brushed some of the dust and dirt off, and then dropped the thing in sudden alarm as it began to shake and the spout-like part that was to hold a flame poured out thin red smoke that slowly began to condense into a form.

Joyce began to faint, but a strong pair of arms caught her and supported her. Dizzily, the redhead looked up into the eyes of the one who’d saved her from smacking her head on the floor. She found herself gazing into a pair of obsidian black eyes. He was a boy who looked no older than herself, but instead of having a pretty pinkish complexion like herself, his skin had a golden tinge. His black hair fell in shining but messy waves down his back, and a gold earring winked out at her from his ear in the darkness. Her own sky-blue eyes travelled down, and then she gasped; he was shirtless! How- how inappropriate! He was lean but well-muscled, and around his waist was a red sash of some kind. Below that…

Joyce screamed and wriggled free from his grasp. He had no legs! Instead, there was merely more red smoke. He began to say something, but the tongue he used was alien to her. She backed up against a cave wall, her breath coming in quick, short gasps. Was he a ghost, or, worse, some sort of demon? The ‘demon’ frowned, then spoke in a different language, still foreign. He sighed, then said, “English? You speak English?” He had a thick accent that Joyce couldn’t place; it was exotic and sort of nice to listen to.

“Y-yes, I speak English,” Joyce said hesitantly, then asked, “Wh- who are you? What are you? Y-you’re not a demon, are you?”

“I am Djinn, not a demon.” His black eyes sparkled. “You may call me… Jack. That’s the closest English name to my real one.” He appeared to be calm, but, inside, his large heart was pounding; such sweet innocence! He knew instantly he was madly in love, but how could a Djinn fall for his master? It was impossible; he’d been imprisoned and was to serve whoever had possession of his prison, a.k.a, the lamp. “I am here, your servant, to grant you your heart’s desires. I can give you almost anything, but I cannot raise the dead or make a person fall permanently in love with you.”

“Oh!” Joyce gasped, her aquamarine eyes going wide and her face flushing a delicate pink. He was a very handsome Djinn. “Well, Jack… how many wishes do I get?”

Jack frowned. “I- I don’t know; no one was supposed to be able to get through the spell on the entrance to this cave. No one told me how many wishes my master gets, so I managed to lock a spell on this cave before being imprisoned in the lamp; I don’t want to be a slave for the rest of my life…” Jack trailed off. Why had he just told her that? It was like that beautiful face was stirring him to madness!

“Oh! I would never use you so!” Joyce said, coming away from the cave wall at last. “Could- could you make a fire, please? You don’t seem to notice, but it’s gotten mighty cold since the sun last went down.

Jack waved and hand, and a nice, warm fire appeared as if from nowhere, filing the cavern with warmth and light. Thus it was that Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway met her True Love, but, alas, their love was forbidden by Djinn laws, and no amount of wishing could change that.

The next morning, Joyce wished herself and Jack to the forests just outside the capital city of Far Far Away. Why the forests? Well, Joyce didn’t know how many wishes she had before Jack would once again was stuck in the lamp, and she didn’t want to lose him to something trivial such as wishing for clothes! She’d heard that the shoemaker elves also did clothes, and she was going to give up her favorite bracelet for something more respectable than her ruined purple peasant garb.

The elves, upon seeing her, were enchanted by her beauty and made her a stylish satin gown with lots of ribbons and with two shades of periwinkle; one dark, one almost white. While she waited, she was allowed to bathe, and one elf even styled her hair! She decided that she liked her hair when it was curly; it framed her face. The cute, chattering elf tied some of the curls back with a whitish-periwinkle ribbon. By the time he finished, the new dress was completed. It took a while to get on, for it was not simple like the peasant-like garb in which she’d been raised, but had many under-things. When she did, she looked like an angel, but without the wings. She was a bit dismayed, though; she couldn’t afford such a beautiful garment! But the elves wanted her to take it for free. She left her bracelet behind, anyways; she’d feel terrible, if she didn’t.

When she summoned Jack from the lamp again, he was struck at how she looked in her new gown, complete with hair ribbon and lace gloves; he was now more in love than ever before, but couldn’t say so. She was too good for him. What he didn’t realize was that she loved him just as much as he did her. So the two went to the capital city of Far Far Away, where, though they didn’t know it, but they were bound for a whole heap of trouble for their forbidden love for each other.

But that’s a story for another time.

Want to see my comments on the Sue doll and story, or leave comments yourself? Click here!

Doll: 10/10. Drabble: 10/10.

Doll Critique.
What's not to love? Well, her eyes are closed, that's my biggest annoyance. We need to see her SUE eyes! And I'm enjoying the 'heheh' look on the djinn's face. Major lulz. I also love the softness of the skirt, almost as though I could reach out and feel the satin and silk!

Drabble Critique.
Aw, the Sue's favorite gown is ruined and so's her shoes. Then she magically strolls through a spell meant to keep everybody out, finds a djinn, falls in love with him and he falls in love with her (even though it's totes forbidden, as is referred to constantly), and she gets a free dress because she's soo beautiful (and even leaves behind her favorite bracelet as payment anyway, because of Sue!Guilt over her gorgeous looks). And danger looms ahead for the forbidden couple!

Doll Critique.
This doll is wonderful! Her hair is just so shiny and silky; and I love the skirt; the shading is wonderful and makes it look so soft. The djinn looks majorly pleased with himself too, probably just at being near such a babe. XD I love all the little details about this doll that just make it perfect; the lamp, the Sue's gloves and ribbons; Jack's sixpack... all in all, this doll is absolutely Sue.

Drabble Critique.
This drabble has everything needed. First, the Sue managing to get thru a spell that keeps everyone else out, but she of course can get thru it cuz she's speshul! I actually very nearly threw up in my mouth while reading this drabble. And her oh so twagic twu luv, which is omg!forbidden, and danger ahead! Of course, her clothes were ruined but she was made a dress by elves who just happened to be there, probably only existing to make a dress for the Sue. XD I can't wait to read more.

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