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It is done, this took forever and a day!

Xylia's Base: PINK LAND
Evangaline & Zagruk bases: blood-cocoa's Gallery
Everything else drawn by me(I didnt do my usual final check for stray pixels, ran out of time)

Name: Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta
Age: 18
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings

The Thorn.y Love Triangle:
Xylia Maurelle Luella Fleur Lanthine Emerenta sat bathing her toes in a woodland stream, Her red mane of hair cascading down the curves of her back, pretty sure that she sat unnoticed, she watched her daughter Evangeline Lanae Melody Rose from a distance, being half cast orc & elf she had Inherited Xylias elvish ears and her fiery red locks, her father’s strong physical traits were hers also. Evangeline loved nothing more then to dress up like her mother and her forehead adorns Xylia’s favourite tiara, A true little princess she thought.
Evangeline was the result of an unfortunate affair many moons ago, Xylia was out walking one night and stumbled across a wayward Inn called “The Empty Tankard” odd name she thought.
After deciding that she needed to let her hair down she sat down to drink, after many ales she now knew why the Inn was appropriately named The empty Tankard as she had many many empty tankards on the table. Xylia conversed with a local orc named Zagruk Ig Xorag Zurpigig well into the night, he was a local lumberjack and made a pretty penny doing this, Xylia thought his rugged good looks were very attractive to her( it’s funny how ones sight & perception can be hindered by too much ale)they laughed and joked till the wee hours of the morning, after sleeping in the stables out back for a few hours Xylia woke to see the grotesque creature that she had been friendly with, so horrified at the sight of him she was that she gathered her belongings, plucked the straw out of her hair and fled….far away home.
Evangeline was born, and after realising that she had no motherly instincts she knew she could not raise this child, the kind hearted orc Zagruk would be a more suitable parent for their child, he was kind, loving and a good provider for Evangeline, his devotion to Evangeline became unbelievably remarkable as the two could not be separated, Xylia knew that this was best for Evangeline and although Xylia loved Zagruk in her own way, she knew that she could never be with him, the thought of seeing the fugliest man every day of her life made her cringe and Inheriting his fugly surname was definitely not an option. He serves his purpose she thought to herself.
Xylia’s main focus now was to sit at the throne and claim her rightful place, she had a plan.Sitting on the roadside dressed as a pheasant with her red mane swept over her right eye to conceal it she feigned injury, sitting on the road, apples strewn everywhere she knew that celeborn would be passing this way on his graceful steed very soon, just as he has done every 4th Monday of each month. When he arrived he bent down to help her up and after gathering her apples he held her and their eyes met, this was just enough to cast her bewitching spell over him…she left with her apples.
Celeborn could not forget her and searched Lothlorien for her, she was nowhere to be found.
It was the evening of The Traditional Elvish gathering and Xylia decided that she would go, Wearing her finest gown which too silk worms years to make and shielding her appearance with a cloak she set off, her arrival was met with strange looks and unwelcoming gazes, nobody knew her and they were suspicious of her, as the night wore on she managed to spread her bewitching charm around and everyone was in awe of this enchanting beauty, "Who was she" they wandered, Leading celeborn down to the babbling brook they sat, she removed her cloak and he saw that this was indeed the woman that he had been searching for, she let loose her fiery red mane of hair, their eyes met and he instantly fell in love with her.
Feeling very pleased with herself & sitting backin her rightful place on the throne gazing up at the stars Xylia wanders when she will next see the one she calls "The True Love of her Life" Legolas.

Doll: 9/10. Drabble: 9/10.

Doll Critique.
The doll looks so complex - and I'm loving the look of the orc. He's not quite as ugly as Xylia makes him out to be, but then, she's an elf and he's not, so I think everybody looks ugly to elves anyway. And lookit the little elf-orc, she's so cute! I hope she's not going to turn out a Sue like her mother, poor dear. And Celeborn hanging out in the corner looks a little dull. What exactly is he doing being half-undressed? Zagruk, I understand, because he's a lumberjack (and.. he also looks... pantsless?) but why Celeborn?

Drabble Critique.
So first she has fun with an orc (and regrets it), then leaves the love child with the orc (who is apparently a great father), THEN goes after Celeborn to gain the throne?
Oh my god, this has the potential for Soap Opera status. Especially when she decides that Legolas is The Twoo Wuv of her Life (Princess Bride reference done on purpose).

Doll Critique.
I just love the hair on this doll; it looks so soft! And the dress, and of course, all her satellites; her former lover, her new lover and her daughter. Of course, the Sue must be the centre of the universe; I love the way that you've made her the focus of the picture. The vines are incredible, too.

Drabble Critique.
Oh my; this is an incredibly tangled web! So much description, and also, so much justification for the Sue, who of course can do no wrong! And obviously her daughter must look exactly like the Sue! XD This was just hilarious reading; it read just like a Suefic, which for this competition is a good thing. Bring on the next chapter!

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