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*whew* I hope to goodness everything is okay?! I've been working feverently to get this done and in on time so I'm not the one holding everyone up! ^^

Base: KawaiiHannah
Background & Props:
All by me.

Name: Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream
Age: Young, and Immortal (Even the saying "I don't believe in faires" has no effect, unlike other fairies.)
Fairy Type: Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream is most fluent in Light magic, like her mother, but she is also the first and only Fairy to have a talent in all areas of Pixie Magic.
Fandom: Peter Pan and Disney's Fairies of Pixie Hollow
Bio (Un-rated, just background info since I missed the first Round): Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, or Radiance Dream (If you must, but she prefers her full name as it's too beautiful to be left unsaid.), is the kindest, most stunning array of dream-like beauty in all of Pixie Hollow and Never Never Land, well the universe really, but more on that later. Anyway, as I was saying, you couldn't find a more sparkling, beautiful and kind Fairy anywhere to match that of Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream has no faults as she is the most perfect Fairy and daughter in the history of ever. She's the sole inheritor to Queen Clarion's crown and dynasty of Pixie Hollow, and everyone is really excited for the day that Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream takes the throne. Even her mother, Queen Clarion, as she knows her daughter could do all of Pixie Hollow a lot better than she ever had, and she is so lovingly proud of her daughter for it.

Drabble: One day, as Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream was on a mission to promote the campagne of "Fairies Are Real" (Obviously named by her Mother, as she would have chosen something much more perfect, like "Divine Fairies Live On"), she flew to Never Never Land and happend across Peter Pan, who she fell instantly in deep passionate love with. Peter Pan was a Lost Boy, and as such was in desperate need of a female's love. One day while she was admiring her heart's desire from afar it occured to Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream that neither Wendy, nor Tinkerbell, could ever give him the love he needed more than she.

But before she was able to introduce herself and her undying love to Peter, she'd realized that Tinker had bewitched him with Evil Pixie Dust which was forbidden for any Fairy to have. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream confronted Tinker and insisted that she was now outcasted from all of Pixie Hollow and Never Never Land. Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream tried to explain her deepest condolances, but remained firm because it was her unfortunate duty to do so. Tinker was so stunned by Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream's beauty and divinity that she instantly became remorseful and left for good, never to be seen again.

Once out of Tinker's spell Peter was confused and disoriented from the Evil Pixie Dust. Wendy was of course useless to help, being an average looking and untalented human girl, so Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream shyly came to Peter, adverting her shimmering silver dew drop eyes in bashfullness. Like Tinker had been, Peter was also stunned by her breathtaking beauty. Peter then hazzily realized through his confusion that he needed to have the love of the most beautiful creature in all the universe, in order to not only be cured of the confusion and disorientation effects from the Evil Pixie Dust, but from being a Lost Boy as well. Peter (obvioulsy still confused, as the most beautiful was right in front of him) arranged a Pageant to find his cure, but more importantly, his true love.

Queen Clairion heard of Peter's non-sense and knew that he must still be intoxicated by the Evil Pixie Dust. So to cure him of his obvious confusion she enchanted the rings he intended to give to himself and his bride, so that when her daughter won, as Clair had no doubt she would, he would be able to not only stand her captivating and glorious radiance so they could live passionately in love for ever and ever, eternity after eternity, but to also ensure that he would no longer be affected by any post poned effects of the Evil Pixie Dust in the future.

The Pageant he hosted had an array of what would seem to be beautiful creatures from all over the lands of Never Never Land, Pixie Hollow, Earth, and the Universe. But in the presense of Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, they all instantly knew who the winner would be and dropped out of the competition, all aside from Wendy, who was stubbornly unaware that she obviously needed glasses, like her brother John, because she had a serious case of self-image-distortion, and one of the mermaids of Never Never Land, who was simply just arrogantly full of herself. (I mean, come on, yay you have cute fins, but you're seriously lacking in some sparkling magic...and a mirror that doesn't ripple as you gaze upon yourself!)

At the moment of realization that the Pageant was down to only 3 contenders before it even began, Peter locked eyes with Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream for the first time. Even with Peter being confused his heart instantly fell for Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream, and upon putting the rings on each other's fingers his confusion was gone, the Pageant forgotten, and with true love's first kiss, Peter's Lost Boy days were no more. He was now a happily married and devoted Man-Fairy to Radiance Twinkle Bella Glorious Dream for the rest of forever after.

Doll: 9/10. Drabble: 10/10.

Doll Critique.
You made almost all of it yourself with the exception of the bases. What's not to love!? The shading is so uniform, so soft - so pixie-like! My only problem is that Radiance Dream's hair looks rather tentacle-like as it falls down her back.

Drabble Critique.
The drabble was... I have no words. Radiance falls for Peter Pan, who doesn't love anybody but himself apparently, and he's cursed because of Tinkerbell, and of course the only one who can save him is the Sue. And her own mother has decreed a pagaent to cure him. Also loving the ragging on Wendy and the Mermaids. XD

Doll Critique.
Absolutely wonderful. I just adore this doll to pieces; her simpering look at Peter Pan is just totally sick making. XD The shading is wonderful and the fact that it's all pixeled freehand save the bases just adds to its beauty. My only criticism is that Radiance Dream's hair pallette is a little off, so the hair doesn't look quite right, but that's a minor criticism. This doll is a perfect Mary Sue!

Drabble Critique.
This drabble was both sickly sweet and also entertaining, what with everything of course being centred on the Sue, with the paegent created especially to save Peter Pan from that evil Tinkerbell and to match him up with the Sue. XD I especially love the way that Wendy is trashed; that's definitely a Sue characteristic that I've seen in fanfic many a time. In fact, there is nothing to criticise at all about this drabble. Well done!

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