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Just ignore them darn bullies! I absolutely hate people who bully others, etc.
I've been bullied from grades 4 to 6 and I was so emotionally troubled by it all.

Ever since my experience of being bullied about my chubbiness and my liking/interest in anime (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, etc.), I've come to just resent/hate any type of popular people.

In my case, I was verbally teased and bullied for being fat, rejecting those girls' offered friendship, and for liking anime series (those were considered as "weird" but I wasn't the only person who liked it all, just that I was the only person to not have my own pack of friends).

It all started with a leader-like girl asking me to be friends with her. I said no to her though, because I intuitively knew she wasn't the type of person I wanted as a close friend and I was alright with not having any friends. Now, all because of my rejection, she began bugging me and asking me to be her friend over and over. I was so annoyed and I just ignored her and often said no over and over.

She eventually came to asking me why I like weird things for and began teasing me about my chubby legs and she would get her own friends to whisper about me in class, etc. They would all tease me and stuff like that. I found her to be annoying and overwhelming with what her friends were doing to me verbally. I never did anything about it or talk to anyone about it.

One day in grade 5, they decided to surround me and my pink book (it was a book full of my friends' profiles and our crushes were listed in the individual profiles). They surrounded me on the playground and one of them took the book out of my hands. I tried holding onto it tightly to fight back, but it slipped away from me. They looked at mine and found out my crush's name. I gradually began crying, feeling intimidated by the circle of girls around me.

The girls' leader or someone then shouted out to my crush that I liked him. So I felt so humiliated that someone as fat as me would like one of the more popular boys and that the secret was out in such a terrible way. I went running into the school building and went upstairs to the bathroom. I went into a stall and started crying so hard, shouting and sobbing.

Afterwards I had went to the main office and I told on the girls who I knew the names of, not all of them that is. They were brought to the office and were told to apologize to me and were given a good talk about how bullying is wrong, etc.

Then in grade 6 it was only a few boys bullying me, etc. After grade 6 though, onto grade 7, all those kids who bullied me went to a different school for junior high and high school. So I was free of bullying forever once I started grade 7... at least I thought I would be...

In grade 10, just sometime earlier in 2010, one of my distant cousins was asking me why I wear "small clothes" (referring to my overweightness) and why I like "weird things" (she seen me playing my DS and Pokemon game)... I felt ever reminded of the past but I was ready to try to ignore and talk back. My self-defense was weak and I felt pretty down after she said I'm fat and ugly, etc. I assured myself in my room at home, "She's just more insecure than I am... (all those girls were...)".

Yet, with my self-reliance and independence, her words never really deeply affected my somewhat narcissistic self-image. XD So I just told on her and she was suspended for bullying me. Even some of my relatives find her to be an evil girl... I'm glad she got what she deserved: suspension. The counsellor even talked to both her and her parents separately.

To me: bullying is wrong! I hate bullies. I hate popular-people, basically the mean ones or the type who are insensitive, etc.

Only thing beneficial of being bullied is that you eventually develop a pretty strong character. When I was in grade 6 or 5 I decided to not let those bullies bother me and my feelings anymore, or I would let them bother me verbally but I would never take their words to heart. I would never let it all consume my thoughts and feelings. I once told my mom, "But I won't let them bring me down. I don't care what they say..." and she then said I had a strong spirit! Ever since she told me that, I felt better about it entirely.

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