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Name: Pyotr Bilinskii
Age: 15
School: Durmstrang
Class: Halfblood
Personality: Pyotr is very mild and hates confrontations. He has a terrible stutter when he's nervous, and was beyond surprised when he was chosen as champion. He is, however, very intelligent. Because he's a sort of social outcast, he tends to freeze up when in front of large groups of people, and is thus very nervous about the tournament.
Bio: Pyotr has never met his father, and never wants to, seeing as how his father fled when he found Pyotr's mother to be pregnant. Pyotr's mother tried to be a good parent, but the truth is she's not very good at it, and comes across as a bit cold. Pyotr had a quiet childhood, and spent most of his time reading; reading was his escape. Pyotr's mother is a pureblood, and Pyotr has no idea what his father was, be he a muggle or otherwise, for his mother refuses to talk about him whatsoever.

Name: "Whacky" Wendy D. Watson
Age: 16
School: Hogwarts, Hufflepuff
Class: Halfblood
Personality: As befits her house, Wendy is tolerant is generally fair, and is loyal. However, she is very opinionated, loud, and has a flair for the dramatic. Keep in mind that she earned the nicknames of "Whacky Wendy" and "the Mad Meta". She loves to show off and to be center of attention; why else would anyone style their hair the way she does?
Bio: Wendy's mom is loving and sweet, and her Muggle father is funny and energetic, but it seems as though they were always at work, and it seems that the family always had hard time finding a decent nanny; most of them were quite neglectful. Thus, Wendy had felt very lonely as a child, for she could only receive the love and attention she longed for when her parents came home. She was never truly abused or any such thing, however, and she did have a lot more material-wise than a lot of children. But those lonely feelings as a child are what stirred her to making herself stand out; after she was accepted at Hogwarts, she vowed never to feel invisible again, and began to "abuse" her powers as a metamorphmagi, and wears a strange hair style and has weird eyes every single day. Wendy suspsects her mother to be hiding something about her past, but has no idea how to ask her about it; though her mother is very positive and often chatty, she always managed to avoid discussing things she's uncomfortable with. Or, rather, it's most likely because Wendy's mother knows her way around a conversation that she can steer a person away from an uncomfortable subject without them realizing. Wendy finds it most annoying, and wonders if her mother will ever open up about their family. After all, her mother has a hint of a Russian accent, but yet Wendy knows not an inkling of why her family came here to the U.K.; if it was for work, her mother wouldn't be so tight-lipped.


The boy looked like he could be no more than thirteen, with his large, grey eyes, his rounded face, and his short stature. His hair was dark brown and curly with a few hints of gold here and there, and it curled down just above his ears. But, in reality, the boy was almost sixteen, and was quite used to being mistaken for being much younger.

At the moment, he was aboard the ship that would soon embark to Hogwarts, curled up with a good book that was obviously in Russian. Yes, he knew English, but he figured he didn't have to use it just yet and, besides, this particular book was one he was reading for pleasure as opposed to study. He fervently hoped he'd be left alone, but he had a bad feeling that one of the rowdier boys might try to pick on him again, like always. But, heck, for now he was just going to enjoy being the only one to have arrived this rediculously early; the more time he had to himself, the better.


Wendy Dawn Watson, or "Whacky Wendy", decided to take it mild today. Or, that is, what could be called "mild" for her; her hair fell straight down her back in a shining yellow-blonde color, with some thinnish straight fringe that came down almost to her eyebrows. Two front bits of her hair on either shoulder were coon-tailed black and yellow; House spirit, of course. Her eyebrows were currently too light to be seen, for she loved the brow-less look paired with dark eye makeup, which was what she was doing now, and it brought out her currently-yellow eyes. Wendy had an almost masculine jawline, and a sharp, hawklike nose; most people would willingly change such a nose, but Wendy loved it, for she found it a very fun and distinctive feature. She wasn't a prefect this year, and was in fact a bit offended; she'd be perfect for the job, dammit! But she made do, for once, and chatted with some peole she hardly knew about silly things for the whole of the train ride.

But, in reality, the gears in her mind were turning, plotting how to wriggle that dark secret out of her mother. Were her mother's relatives so horrible that Wendy couldn't meet a single one? What had happened to scare Wendy's grandmother and grandfather away from Russia? All Wendy knew was that her mother spent most of her childhood in Russia, and then she and her parents moved to England for reasons unkwon, but wendy guessed it had to do with family. So she was trying to think of a way to either trick her mother into telling all, or to find out on her own. It would be quite the challenge. But, then, Wendy loved challenges; the easy life is too easy, and too easy is boring.

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