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Name: Collette Bernard
Age: 15
School: Beauxbatons
Class: Pureblood
Personality: Collette is a very happy, excitable girl most of the time, however she can also be quite ignorant, not knowing when to stop delving into things that don't concern her. She can be very competitive in a friendly sort of way. She can also be very headstrong and blunt, and if she doesn't like something has no problems with letting it be known. She can of course be descirbed as more than a little overbearing...
Bio: Collette grew up in the rather busy an bustling midst of Paris, although most of her time so far has been spent at Beauxbatons school of wizardry, which both her parents considered to be in her best interests. Collette did surprsingly well at school mostly through sheer determination, managing to pick things up relatively easilly. She's never been expetionally popular, but has a big enough group of friends to get by. She was of course very excited at the opportunity to place her name in the goblet of fire and possible get chosen to become Beauxbaton's Champion.

- - -

Name: Michael O'Sullivan
Age: 16
School: Hogwarts, Ravenclaw
Class: Half Blood
Personality: Michael is serious and often skeptical. He'd much rather a book than a conversation and tends to find other people either uninteresting, irritating or simply amusing. He's really quite intelligent, and usually keeps his rather scornful views of others to himself, because despite his high and mighty demeanor he is extremely polite.
Bio: There was never any doubt as to which school Michael was going to attend, and there was never any questio nas to which house he would be in either. Both of his parents are rather pushy and probably part of the reason he appears to look down on people who can't understand the long complicated word she liked to add to what would otherwise be understandable sentances. However they haven't taught hi mto be downright rude and so he still has a scornful type of politeness when dealing with others. He does very well at school however his friendship group isn't exceptionally large.

- - -

Collette looked around in excitment as she reminded herself that today was the day. Thy were finally leaving after what had seemed like forever and there would be no more sleepless nights now. She resisted the urge to jump up and down and instead tried to remain as calm and collected as all of the other students were, or at least appeared to be. She herself would have liked to be able to scream, shout and squeal in excitment while hopping from one foot to another and quite possible brandishing a large flag in the school's colours. Unfortunately this would have been frowned upon and she probably wouldn't be allowed the continue the journey.

After ten minutes or so of waiting she began to fidget with the edge of her robe. It was a pain,she thought, that teachers always took so long to leave for places. If they hadn't had any teachers going with hem they could have left at least an hour ago. In fact, they probably could have left yesterday because if so and so hadn't done this and so and so hadn't done that then they porbably would have had at least twenty-four hours to spare.

Finally the crowd began to move and Collette's impatience was satisfied as she began to walk forward. Thoughts swirled around in her mind causing complete chaos as she was caught between thinking about what Hogwarts would look like and whether she had any chance of being selected to represent her school. As much as it might have looked it it did not feel like any ordinary day to Collette Bernard.

- - -

Michael looked up from his book as he caught a snippet from the conversation being conducted by two girls a few seats down in the allocated carriage. He smiled to himself as he realized what they were talking about was utter nonsense. He would never be caught saying such things and yet when others said the dreaded words he found it extremely entertaining. Not that he would say anything.

He took the chance to flick his eyes around the rest of the carriage as well. Other's were reading (like himself), looking out windows and chatting in small groups. He adjusted his book and cleared his throat as he took the opportunity to scan the passing scenery as well. However nothing interesting proved to be happening and his vision soon reverted back to the carriage.

He paused to consider several of the million possibilities the Triwizard tournament might hold, and had to hold back a laugh. The whole thing seemed slightly ridiculous, nevertheless he hoped that whoever would represent Hogwarts would come out victorious. Not that it would be him. Michael shook his head in amusement as he returned to the pages of his book.

- - -

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