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This is my home, I have been here forever it seems, In my room since 1713 I think when I was all but 3, Childlike & ever so innocent sitting perched on my grazed knees in this dark corner of despair, my favourite cream lace dress swirls around me, tattered, torn, tea stained & moth eaten it smells, but I donít care Mummy bought it for me, It is special, Mummy is special, the red stain on the back, It wonít go away, I wish Mummy were here to wash it.

I wait but no one comes.

It was my 3rd birthday, Mummy said I could have a party so I made some special letters for my friends, I made them at kindy, I was going to give them to my friends today but something happened.

I was sitting in the corner of my room on the floor underneath my window, I was singing a song, It suddenly turned dark and I saw a shadow across the floor, It was Mr Samuel, my mums boyfriend, He was wearing a uniform with all those badges, I donít like his uniform, I donít like him, I told on him to mummy one day but she didnít believe me, Mr Samuel was holding my letters and he was smiling at me, he opened the window, the curtains started billowing and the shutters were banging Mr Samuel threw them out of the window into the stormy wind and left the room.

I watch but no one sees.

I knew it was 6 oíclock because I heard the old grandfather clock chime 6 times, it was an eerie sounding clock, I went upstairs to my bedroom and I sat in the corner alone with my doll Amelia, Amelia is the only one that listens to me now, A dark shadow loomed over me, it was Mr Samuel, he opened the window, the curtains were billowing, the shutters were banging, It was stormy, Mr Samuel hurt me, he made me start to bleed it was yuck, It hurts so much, I was lying on the floor, I cried when he was hurting me but no sound came from my mouth, I look up into his eyes above me, He doesnít care, he smiles, I see blood on my legs, oh no, I see blood on my new dress, It is all overÖ.the pain is gone, the scariness is gone, Mr Samuel is gone, It is dark, very very dark.
I cry but no one hears.

This house has been empty for so long, I am so cold, always so cold & lonesome, I wish mummy would come and do my curls, I have red stuff on my curls & on my legs, it is sticky, it looks like paint, I will draw my name on the wall and Mummy will be happy, I miss Mummy. I donít like being alone. One day I heard some noises, I sat watching from the window it sounds like people are moving into my house, The Bentleyís and a man called Kentfield, he was wearing the same uniform as Mr
Samuel did with all those badges, He must be Important like Mr Samuel was Important, I donít like Kenfield.

I am scared but no one cares.

The clock chimes six times, thereís lots of noise downstairs, a party! Maybe itís for my birthday and my friends will come to see meÖOh no, I canít wear my dress it is ruined, itís ok, Mummy will fix it, I will wait here till she has time to fix it, Mummy is always busy.

A lady enters my room she is wearing funny clothes, I think she is a maid, I used to have a maid once her name was Matilda, I liked Matilda, she used to sing to me when I was scared, The maid looks at the open window (curtains billowing & shutters banging) she looks worried, she then turns to the wall in the corner and sees my drawing, she looks scared, I will sing to her, she will like that, Hannah begins to sing in the most eerie voice imaginable, The maid stunned with fear, mouth agape and eyes almost protruding from their sockets collapses to the floor, I want to help her but some people & that man Kenfield take her away from me, She didnít like my drawing, she didnít like my singing, she didnít like meÖI hate Kenfield.

I am sad but no one comes

Who is this in my bedroom? She is pretty, her dress is pretty, not like mine, my dress used to be pretty, I like her she smells nice, she can have my room and I wonít let anyone hurt her, I will sit in my corner & watch over her, everything is peaceful the pretty lady is sleeping. Kenfield wants to sleep in my room too but I dont want him to he has a bell and a gun, guns are evil, Kenfield walks over to the window, he opens it, the curtains are billowing and the shutters banging there is a storm and Hannah is scared, she doesnít like storms, Hannah crawls into bed with the pretty lady and hides under the covers, laying on her back very very still Hannah pulls the covers over her head she is safe, The pretty lady will keep her warm, she will keep the pretty lady safe, Kenfield will not hurt her like Mr Samuel hurt me, I will not let him.

Kenfield decides to get into bed as he drew back the covers he saw the ghost of Hannah, unable to scream he frantically starts to ring the bell hoping that it will attract some attention, It was so loud, kenfield had no control over his actions, as if possessed by some unknown entity he pulls the trigger and shoots, the bullet ricochets on the bedside lamp and hits the wall just above where Hannah Elizabeth wrote her name in blood, It had found its destiny. The bullet hole dotting the i in Hannah Elizabethís name, Kenfield, horror stricken with a vacant look in his eyes lay on the floor beside the bed looking at the corner of the room, I look down into his eyes I donít care, I smile

It is light.

In the light I see Mummy she has a new dress for me, Betty is there she will curl my hair, My friends, they are waiting for me, Everyone is waving to me, It is my birthday! I walked into the light to enjoy my party that I had been waiting for.

I am happy, I am free at last.

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