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Default 10-21-2010, 11:31 PM

My story FTW. That's all I can say. ahahaha. <3

It was raining. Thunder, lightning, and droplets slamming down constantly, drawing her closer to him, not wanting the baby she held tightly in her arms to get wet. He smiled down at her, and put his arm around her shoulders. “We'll find somewhere soon, baby. You don't have to worry, You see the bridge up there, were just outside of the middle of London.”

She looked up at him, his hair stuck together in clumps, with water rolling off the ends. Their car had broken down about a half of a mile back, in the pouring rain. Justin had insisted that she wait in the car with the baby, but she didn't want to. Something about London in the dark frightened her, and she didn't want to be alone. “You said that 15 minutes ago.” She said, looking down at the baby. “I'm just worried about her.”

He stopped and looked her in the eyes, the bright blue eyes that sparkled when she laughed, and that he got lost in every time he looked into them. “ She'll be fine, don't worry.” He said, looking along the skyline. There were lots of buildings around here, but it was close to 3 in the morning, and they didn't want to disturb anyone. Suddenly, lightning illuminated the pathway, and Justin saw a house up ahead. “Come on,” he said, starting to walk towards it.”We'll stay here, and see if they have a phone or a car or something.”

“Are you sure?” She asked cautiously, staring at the antique house.

“Of course,” he said, winking. “No one can say no to Justin Bieber.”

They walked up to the house, and he knocked on the door. No one answered it, so he he knocked again, harder this time. The door swung open, creaking as it did so. He pushed door open all the way, and took a step inside before she stuck her arm out in front of him. “Don't go in there!” She yelled at him.

“Why not? Do you see anywhere else to go?”

“No, but it's rude to barge in.. and it's really creepy.”

He stepped back and put an arm around her. “It's alright, I'll be right here. There's nothing in here. There will probably be electricity too, once we get inside I'll get the switch.”

She bit her lip, considering what to do. “Alright, but if anything weird happens, you have to promise we'll leave and find a real place.”

“I promise.” He said, walking inside with her, his arm still around her.

Suddenly, the door slammed behind them, and Justin's hand was ripped out of hers. She turned around and screamed, holding the baby even closer to her. She gripped the door handle in her hand, trying to yank it open, but it wouldn't budge. Something broke free at the bottom of the door, and it flew open, just as the lights turned on behind her. She glanced back and screamed, running away from the place as fast as she could, holding onto her baby for dear life, making the baby scream as it was woken from it's slumber.

Hands reached out from behind her and clasped around her waist, pulling her back to the house. She was screaming and kicking, when she was put back on the ground inside the brightly lit hallway and heard him laugh behind her.

She spun around and slapped him, hard. “Justin Drew Bieber! I can't believe you just did that!” She yelled, trying to comfort the baby back to sleep.
He was still laughing, finding her outrageous reaction hilarious. He took the baby from her and held her face in his free hand. “It's fine. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, this house is perfectly fine.” He said gesturing around the house. She wouldn't meet his gaze, tears still rolling down her cheeks. “Ceilidh,” he said gently, “There's nothing creepy about the house. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't think you'd be so freaked.”

She slapped his arm and took the baby back. “It's not funny.” she murmured, looking away from him and at the house. She slowly walked to the end of the hall,stepping on a creaky floorboard. “Jeeze.” She said, continuing to step on it. “Creaky floorboards? When was this house made? The Revolution?”

Justin explored the house in the opposite direction, heading into the family room first. The entire house was lit up with electricity, somehow the lights worked for all rooms at once. He picked up a leather bound journal, leafing through the pages. He stopped on a page, to see a faded black and white photograph of young couple smiling, standing in front of the house. On the back it said Berkley Square, London, England, August 12th, 1880. Currently, it was July 7th, 2017, making the picture, and the house, over 130 years old.

Eventually Ceilidh stopped being so creeped out by the house, and the baby fell back asleep. Having explored the downstairs part of the home, Ceilidh and Justin walked up the iron stairs, and into the 2 bedrooms of the home. There was a smaller bedroom, probably a guest room, and a master bedroom. They knew no one lived here now, but they still felt like intruders, and settled down on the floor of the guest room, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Everything seemed peaceful in the room. The lights were still on, but the small family was huddled up against the wall, the tiny baby drifting in and out of it's innocent sleeping. However, sometime in the early morning, the baby woke once more, only to start wailing at the sight of something frightening. Startled, Ceilidh and Justin woke up, to become face to face with the same thing.

It was a furry pink unicorn, floating in the air. However, it was glaring down at the two of them, snorting out of it's nose harshly, wondering what these people were doing in it's home. They screamed at the sight of it, not knowing it if was a dream, or if it was real. “Who are you?” The thing demanded.

Justin stuttered. “Justin Bieber.” He said slowly. “And my fiancée, Ceilidh, and our baby, Diana.”

The unicorn continued to glare at them, but when he heard this, his expression softened. “Your Justin Bieber?” It demanded again.

“Yeah, I am.” Justin said, standing up, gaining courage.

“Oh, I am your biggest fan, you simply must sing for me, and I will stop haunting this house forever!” It said gleefully, with hearts in it's giant purple eyes.

Justin shrugged. If this was all it took to get rid of the monster, then why not. He then broke out in an amazing rendition of 'Baby,' and the unicorn monster ghost was so happy, it exploded, leaving the house alone forever, to never be haunted again.

Ceilidh and Justin got married and lived happily ever in the old house, after major remodeling, and redecorating, making sure there were no more scary unicorn ghosts.

baby, you got me. ♥

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