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Default 10-20-2010, 06:19 PM

The Room
By Fiushia

The moon was barely visible through the clouds that night. Everyone was laughing and joking in the dining room, and I went upstairs to straighten out Amy's bed, trying not to intrude. As I climbed the stairs to her room, I had a growing sense of dread. There was something wrong upstairs. I slowly climbed the stairs and entered Amy's room. What I saw there made me freeze in horror. An enormous Bird of prey was sitting on the bed. It's head was a crimson red, its feathers a black so dark it seemed to suck out the light around it. I tried to turn around, but found myself glued to the floor. The creature turned around and locked its eyes on me. I screamed. The Bird reached out a massive hooked talon, so sharp it could've ripped my body apart like paper, and grabbed me."This is my house" he hissed, grinning wildly. His voice was like the echo your hear on the top of the cliff, but somehow deeper. I could hear the other people in the house running up to see what was wrong. The thing dropped me just as they reached the door. I could't speak. Or I wouldn't let myself. When I woke up the next day, everyone was sitting around me. They were asking me questions, wanting to know what I saw in the room, but I didn't hear them. I was focused on one thing, sitting in the corner. He was grinning like a cat that had just caught a mouse. "It's my house!" He called as he lunged for me again. "Something horrible is in that room!" I managed to scream before the closed in on me.

Is it okay to just submit it like this?
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