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Damien turned at the light touch on his shoulder. He looked closely at the girl; then did a quick mental scan of her mind. This was a lot more effective in discovering who she was, and he smiled in recognition. "Rose," Damien said. "Haven't seen you in a good while. What are you doing here? Sorry I didn't see you just now; I was thinking about something." He looked about the airport and saw just what he needed; a sign which stated "Inquiries". That was where he needed to go to find out about flights to the Ukraine.

Damien figured that if he found a suitable flight, it would make sense to book it on the spot, for the job he had to do was urgent. He had, in fact, the letter from the President with him to remind him of where he had to go. Obviously, a person could not fly directly to Chernobyl; that was impossible. He'd have to fly to Kiev first, then arrange clearence and transport to the dead zone whilst there. But all those arrangements could be made when he arrived in Kiev.

He wondered just what Rose was doing here; Damien hadn't been around when his mother had arranged the date for Rose to visit, he'd been with his father talking over the President's job. Damien knew that his father didn't think much of the US government at all, even tho he had done several jobs for them over the years. He felt that they took their self appointed title as world peacekeepers far too seriously and spent far too much time poking their noses in. Still, this particular job gave Damien the chance to poke around Chernobyl, and for that he was grateful.

He looked at Rose again, this time properly, and was struck at how she looked. Damien liked what he saw; he'd never had thought anything of the sort about Rose when growing up, though he'd certainly had girlfriends. They'd all been the skinny type, and he'd always felt that something was lacking. Now he knew. He loved Rose's curves, and the beauty in her face; though he was hardly going to say this to her when he hadn't seen her in years.


Rose grinned at him, her white teeth striking against her coffee-colored skin. “You may have changed on the outside, mon ami, but you’re still the kid I remember, and just as off in his own world; your mom invited me to stay a while.” She paused. “So, if you had no idea I was coming, then what are you doing here, maitenant?"

Rose noticed that Damien was quite the looker, if you went for the tall, dark, and mysterious type. But she noted this almost dispassionately, for she kept seeing her good ol’ playmate from her youth. Since Rose had been quite a bit older when they’d played together, she still retained quite a few of her memories of him, and thus her current impression of him was effected by those memories.

She did suspect, however, that Damien was quite a little lady-killer, and wondered what kind of girl he went for. She fervently hoped he wouldn’t go for a bubbly cheerleader-type; she couldn’t stand them, and they didn’t much like her since they always tried to apply black stereotypes to her. But, whatever, she was really more curious why Damien would have anything to do with an airport if he wasn’t sent to pick her up.


As it happened, Damien didn't have a girlfriend at this precise moment. He'd ditched his last girlfriend, a skinny blonde, cuz she was too boring and clingy and now he had decided not to date any more for the while until he worked out what he really wanted from a woman. He looked at Rose and replied, "I did know that you were coming, just that I wasn't around when Mom decided on the date."

Damien wondered briefly what to tell Rose about his upcoming mission, then decided that it couldn't hurt to tell her everything. He took the President's letter out of his pocket and handed it to Rose. "I've got this assignment from the President coming up," Damien said. "I have to fly to the Ukraine in order to visit the Chernobyl power station and inspect the new sarcophagus that the Ukraine government put on the reactor to replace the old one. I've always been interested in the site so I told Dad I'd do it.

"The government wanted me or Dad to do this mission cuz of the fact that we're both immune to radiation so we can walk right into the reactor core without having to wear a ton of protective equipment or worrying about getting ill or anything. I'm here to see about a flight to Kiev as soon as possible."

After saying all this, Damien shuffled his feet a little. Travelling to visit a radioactive power station was hardly something that most girls would want to do, but he still felt that he had to ask. "You could come with me if you like," Damien said. "Not into the reactor core; it wouldn't kill you, cuz of your powers, but you'd get very ill. But you could hang around the farmhouses outside Pripyat while I'm going to the power station. Lots of animals come there and you could talk to them. The radiation won't affect you, cuz we won't be there long enough. As soon as I've looked at the sarcophagus and checked that it's OK, we can leave."


Rose blinked and considered, then said, “Sure, I’ll come. I mean, I got to travel a lot when we were with the League, but one does not get to comprehend much of what one sees when one is a child; this could prove interesting. But, really, since I’m under your mom’s care, it’s up to her.”

Rose wondered at why he’d seemed almost awkward in asking her to join him; it seemed most unlike him. Surely he couldn’t be this awkward around her? True, it had been a long, long time since they’d last seen each other, but she’d thought of Damien as a confident sort of guy who was like her in that he did what he wanted without caring what others thought. So why on earth had he shuffled his feet and almost averted her gaze, as if he’d been nervous of her passing judgement? Poor Rose had no idea that he’d liked what he saw, or that he’d been nervous that she’d consider Pripyat uninteresting and an entirely unsuitable place for the two of them to, well, hang, or even date.

She decided that she would pretend she hadn’t noticed how Damien had gotten all awkward, and said, “Well, you lead the way, then. I mean, Mon Dieu, this place is so confusing. I bet you know your way around here better than I do, at least,” She offered him a smile that was both reassuring and wry.

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