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Default (Part 2) - 10-11-2010, 03:38 PM

This is part two of the story above. Because it was too long to put into one post.


Within ten minutes, the hall had been thoroughly barricaded, with stone blocks taken from the rubble that had once been proud stone walls. The siege engines that had been used to bring down said walls were now hidden nearby, and would be returned for at a later date. It was too bothersome to deal with them now.

The Banshee Queen sat upon the magistrate's chair, taping her clawed metal gauntlet on the armrest. The orc shaman she had brought with her had consulted the elements, and reported the army was mere minutes away.

Sylvanas leaned forward, and, raising her voice, shouted down the hall at the Goblins grouped in the center.

"Step on it! I require those explosives to be ready in the next thirty seconds. Consequences if they are not will be dire."

Sylvanas sat back, and, deciding that they were working just fast enough for her liking, turned her attention to the mages working to her left.

"Darral. Is the circle ready?"

"Ready to transport a few, milady, but not everyone in this hall."

"Draw it faster then."

Darral was quick to set about drawing it faster. He'd survived failing Sylvanas once today, and it was very unlikely he'd be as lucky the second time. Particularly if failing the second time meant that they would all die.

Soon, the sounds of hooves were heavy outside. The counter-attackers had arrived. Sylvanas tweaked a long, elven ear as she heard their cannons open fire on her barricades. She placed her chin on her hand, leaning sideways on her chair. A Goblin came rushing up to her, green brow dripping with sweat.

"The bomb is ready, Dark Lady! This place is gonna be the mother of all explosions in five minutes!"

Five minutes.


"Eeh, yeah. You said five minutes, miss?"

"I said fifteen, you imbecile."

"Oh. D'oh!"

Without another word, Sylvanas stood. The Goblin took an apprehensive step back, just as Sylvanas had guessed he would. She tensed, and then aimed a sharp kick at the Green midget. The punted Goblin yelped as the kick sent him flying over the wooden railing and well across the room.

"Goblins. You have one minute to increase the power of the bomb by three times. It will have to be powerful enough to consume this building, the barricades on it and most importantly the army grouped around. The Banshee Queen demands it."

The Goblins nodded, and instantly began working. Even faster now than before.

That's what seeing your comrade be kicked like a football will do to you when you're under a meter tall.

Sylvanas folded her arms and gave the mage standing next to her the evil eye. The mage understood and nodded.

"Yes, milady, the circle is finished. I have only to say the words and we'll be back in the Undercity."

"Excellent work, Darral. Consider yourself redeemed."

There were several loud bangs as something or other hit the side of the building- probably more cannonfire. Many of the Forsaken swayed alarmingly as the entire structure shook, but Sylvanas remained bolt upright.

"Kill the lights."

The order was obeyed at once, with all lights instantly being turned off. The white ghostlight that shone out of the Forsaken's eyes were the only points of brightness in the room. All of them turned toward Sylvanas, and she glanced upwards. Unlike most of the other undead around her, she was a Banshee, and as such, her eyes cast a baleful red glow in front of her.

Above her, several other red eyes stared down. Sylvanas blinked. This was the signal for her dark rangers- her most trusted champions, most of whom were also Banshees -to open the windows high above the hall, which they had climbed up to, and unleash a rain of arrows on the crusader army. She had specifically asked her rangers not to shoot to kill, but rather harass the enemy. Even while she'd been giving the order, Sylvanas had known that some of them would be too full of hate for the living to resist killing a few. Not that it mattered.

There were cries and shouts from outside as Sylvanas' orders were followed. The crusaders began attacking with renewed vigour, and the building shook with renewed attacks. Sylvanas' ears picked up hooves; the crusaders were moving closer to the hall. There were several thumps and streaks of red as her rangers dropped from their positions down into the crowd of Forsaken.

Sylvanas opened her mouth and spoke to the mages next to her.

"Take us out of here. Now."

The mages began chanting all at once, and the magical circle lit up with blue light. The light crept out, taking hold of the other Forsaken in the room, as well as Sylvanas herself. The light flared, blindingly, and when it died down, there was not a single Undead left in the room. They'd all gone.

Just as the timer on the bomb hit zero.

The blast began as a small gout of flame, which seemed to shrink down and then suddenly bloomed outwards. The building was blown out from inside. The massive fireball continued to swell, killing many of the crusaders near the building. The resulting rain of debris from the hall itself killed even more, and was followed by a string of afterexplosions as the cannons surrounding the building exploded one by one. All in all, out of the four hundred crusaders who had come to attack the Forsaken holding the building, only eighty remained.

A short way away, as the blasts flared in the inky dark, Sylvanas Windrunner cracked a rare smile. There was nothing pleasant or happy about this smile; it just indicated the Sylvanas was very pleased at the outcome of the situation. The circle had been written to transport her to the hill, so she could watch, and the other Forsaken back to the Undercity.

Sylvanas reared back her head and laughed scornfully into the night. She laced the cackle with Banshee magic, causing it to carry over to the already dismayed crusaders and panic them more. Before they could determine the source of the laughter and come looking for her, the Dark Lady twisted on the spot, and the surrounding darkness engulfed her.

When the shadows slinked backwards to their spots, Sylvanas was gone.

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