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Default Pearls In Parachutes - 10-10-2010, 06:35 PM

So far, this is as far a I got. I haven't felt like writing more, it's kindof a continued long part story thing. ahah


I heard the names the kids in the back of the classroom called me as I walked out of the room as the bell rang. Traitor. A worthless ****. Stupid. A waste of space. I still don't understand why I'm called the first two. I've never done anything to these kids before. But they've decided that simply being born is enough reason to dislike me. That, and I won't join their plan to react the Hunger Games.

It's strictly forbidden to do, which makes it all the more appealing to them. I suppose they only want me in it because of my parents. I mean, how great would it be to have the daughter of two of the victors play in your Games with you? Perfect, apparently. Especially the two most famous of the victors. But personally? I think it's sick to want to reenact those, especially when I can still hear my mom screaming in the middle of the night from nightmares, or see my dad digging his nails into his arm, trying to retain himself, to not change because of the Games. Seeing what happened to them because of the Games is horrible, so I won't play their Games.

I'm named after my aunt, who was killed in the rebellion by a bomb, though she only went by Prim. I go by Rose. My dad wanted me to go by Prim, but my mom didn't want to. I guess it brought up bad memories. I don't know much of the specifics of the rebellion, we aren't taught them in school, and my parents won't tell me or Finnick, my younger brother. However, I do know that my aunt, Prim, was supposed to be the girl tribute in the Hunger Games along with my father. But my mom stepped up and took her place. That's not in the school books, but my dad told me, as long as I promised not to tell my mom.

Finnick was named after one of the victors of the Hunger Games as well. He won his Games 9 years before my parents did, and he allied with them in the Victor's Quell. Once the rebellion started, he fought along with my mom and dad, along with some other rebels, to eventually capture and kill President Snow, the President that led the pre-rebellion Panem. But Finnick was killed in the process, protecting my mom from mutts. His wife, Annie, was pregnant when he died, and she would have gone crazier than she already was if it weren't for the baby. She named him Darien, and he's almost 26 now, which makes him 10 years older than me, but Darien is an entirely different story.

My dad is Peeta Mellark, the Victor of the 74th Hunger Games, and the symbol of the rebellion, along side my mother. She is Katniss Mellark, but if you see her in my school books, it refers to her as Katniss Everdeen. She is the Mockingjay. The girl on fire. The girl who started the idea of a rebellion in ordinary people, though she didn't intend to. She alone, is the rebellion put into a human body, as the books say. My name is Primrose Mellark, and this is my story.

baby, you got me. ♥
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