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(Well, Chrome is being wonky, so my back-up browser isn't fulfilling it's intended purpose. Anyway, my entry):

Name: Lauren Rachel Jessica Marie-Porter
Age: 17
Fandom: GLEE

Appearance: Jessi is the embodiment of the spotlight. Her stark-raven hair always shines with a lustrous glow, and she is tall with an hourglass figure. Her almond-shaped eyes are an electrifying blue, and she always looks like she is wearing make-up, but she really isn't because her skin is so flawless. Jessi only wear revealing outfits, but even though that is against the dress code, she gets away with it because no one wants to get her in trouble--including teachers.

Personality: She's kinda b.itchy, but no one cares because they are so awed by her talents.

Powers:Her singing voice will make anyone she wants to fall in love with her do so, but not anyone automatically does--she chooses who falls under her love spell,even though all listeners automatically want to be friends with her.

Bio: So far, she has put Finn, Puck, Mr. Schu, and Jesse under her spell. Rachel hated Jessi until she sang; then Rachel became her best friend/book slave, carrying everything around for her. Jessi is an exchange student from Britain; Quinn is the one she exchanged with. Sue gave her Quinn's old spot on the Mckinley High Cheerios, and Jessi convinced Jesse to leave Vocal Adrenaline for good. She has almost succeeded in turning Kurt straight, but first she plans to heal Artie's legs (she learned to master surgery while she was gong to school in Britain because her father is a highly respected brain surgeon, and he gave her private instruction when she was only 10 years old). Mercedes and Tina are grateful that Jessi put Rachel's ego in check. She plans to graduate early and start a career as a Broadway actress immediately following commencement. Because her dad is a brain surgeon, she is very wealthy, and she helped pay for new equipment in the choir room. All of the solos that would have gone to Rachel now go to Jessi.

Doll: 8/10. Profile: 8/10.

Doll Critique:
Looks as though she jumped right out of the show and into a photo frame. I also dig the strappy sandals.

Profile Critique:
Wow, I think she belongs in Canonraep House! She's taken the idea of Glee and trashed it up and down, left and right. Not only that, she's also a trained... brain surgeon?
Brain explosion from the Sue. A lot of brain explosion.

Doll Critique:
Looks just like a snapshot of a Glee character onstage. She also looks as tho she's smirking at the camera. The curtains could have been just a shade lighter, so that the doll's top stood out better.

Profile Critique:
Wow, what a total b*tch... and yet, she gets away with it and everyone loves her! This is most definitely a Sue and a half. Trained in medicine at ten years old, grabbing solos and attention from all the canon characters... I almost dread to think what will happen to her in the next round.

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