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Name: Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway

Age: 15

Fandom: Shrek

Appearance: The Princess Joyce Bridget Helen Fairway was born with two brothers as a cute little ogress with pea-green skin and a button nose. But when Joyce found that she could take human form, she preferred it infinitely to that of her slightly heavyset ogress form. Joyce defines the word ‘stunning’; she has a slim waist, but yet she still has great curves that make her look womanly even at the age of fifteen. She has cute, small, delicate feet that put the perfect Cinderella to shame, and her nails are never chipped or dirty. Her hair changes depending upon light; when under the light of the sun, it is a living flame, her hair a conflagration or reds and golds. At night or when indoors, her hair appears to be a rich, chocolate brown. Her hair is straight, soft, shiny, and she just loves to comb through it with her fingers and put it up in two long pigtails. Joyce’s face is heart-shaped, with a delicate pointed shin and cute but small eyebrows. Her nose is button-like, her lips a perfect pink cupid’s bow shape, her eyes large, round, innocent, and sky blue in color. Joyce, however, is completely unaware of her own beauty, and doesn’t even notice the effect she has on men.

Personality: Joyce is always and ever the graceful, kind sort of girl; she’s always helping others, always making sure everyone is helped first. Joyce’s favorite things to do include singing, dancing, and painting. She hates using violence, but, if backed into a corner, she will defend herself. One of her flaws is that she is totally naïve and unsuspecting; she really is to nice for her own good, and people take advantage of her. Joyce always forgives, and always gives second chances. Her favorite color is purple.

Powers/Skills: Joyce has the ability to take both human and ogre form. This is a leftover remnant from Fiona’s own spell, passed down to her daughter. Joyce’s singing voice is so lovely she can actually put people in a trance when she sings. She has often done this by mistake, when she thought she was alone and singing to herself. She also dances with an almost unearthly grace, and can paint scenes so real they seem to be three-dimensional and come right off the canvas. Joyce was also trained by her mother in self defense, but she loathes to use this training, for she hates any and all violence.

Bio: This Joyce was born one of three, the only daughter in a set of triplets. She grew up humbly in the swamp with her parents Shrek and Fiona. Since Shrek has no surname to speak of, Joyce took on Fiona’s family surname of Fairway (side note: it goes with the country’s name of Far Far Away, as Fiona doesn’t seem to have a family name, either). Joyce’s brothers love her and are protective of her, but they often pick on her for being too humanlike and having the ability to take human form. One day, her brothers took this teasing too far, and Joyce’s heart was broken; she had no choice but to run away from home to find where she truly belongs. Her brothers were, of course, immediately sorry for what they’d done, but poor Joyce didn’t know that, and they had come to apologize too late; she’d left for her own adventures and to find her own True Love, just as her parents had had their own adventures and met each other.

Doll: 9/10. Profile: 9/10.

Doll Critique:
Her hair is super, super shiny; major Sue quality there. If I didn't know better, I'd say you tooled it because that's how smooth it is! And on top of that, her eyes are a very unnatural blue (which is funny because I think her ogre baby self had green eyes), she's WINKING at us, and is definitely the most animated looking without actually being an animated doll. She's also wearing a gold necklace even though the dress she wears looks like one of a peasant.

Profile Critique:
I've never seen a Shrek Mary Sue before! Definite points for you there. On top of that, she's clearly able to be better than her brothers; and has tinier feet than even Cinderella? How's that for one-upping an existing, popular Sue! The description of her hair is also accurate for a Sue; Sues usually have color-changing eyes, but you gave her color-changing HAIR! More points.
Personality wise, I love the pointless addition of her favorite color. I had NO idea that was her favorite color.
Powers: A-haaa, she's a momma's girl. And is a pacifist to an extreme apparently.
Made-up last names, ahoy! And aw, her brothers made fun of her. And she's going out to find Twoo Wuv. So Sue.

Doll Critique:
I love, love, LOVE the hair on this doll. It's just so super shiny and silky looking! Definitely Sue. Her eyes are far too blue to be normal and the shading is fantastic. I love all the little extras like the detailing on her top.

Profile Critique:
This Sue gets points for originality simply for being a Shrek Sue, which is a rarity among Sues that I've seen, anyway. Of course the Sue has a human form as well as an ogress form, ensuring that she be breathtakingly beautiful. I love the way that her brothers tease her, and how she hates violence. She is too good to be true, and incredibly sickly sweet. Her powers are very Sue, and I love the part about her inheriting Fiona's spell.

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