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Name: Sikuma Rei Ayame Hina Shou Midori
Age: Immature 13
Fandom: Angel Sanctuary

Appearance: Sikuma has Jade green eyes and is tall & slender for her age, she tends to eat very little that is good for her, She has a unique style which she plays with often to create a look that is described as Girly punk new age street glam.
Sikuma's hair is streaked with subtle highlights and she often changes it, Her skin is pale and she often looks sickly.
Her beautiful wing is her pride & joy, her greatest fear is that one day it will be broken.
Her favorite things are her converse sneakers (which are imported from earth) and her tiny Hello Kitty purse which she guards with her life.

Personality: Sikuma, although Intelligent is headstrong, rebellious & impulsive, she also has a bad attitude which tends to get her into trouble with the Arch angels.

Powers/Skills: Sikuma has just earned her first wing which is used to fly,(although not very well) she is in the final stages of training to become a Warrior Angel, not perfected by any means but she is indeed a very powerful force when weilding her weapon, affectionatly known as "Nanami" The seventh sword, her armour also guards her well.
Sikuma holds a tiny magical sprite named Ella in her purse, they are best friends, Ella will help Sikuna anytime during battle when she is called.
Her sole aim is to receive the rank of Cherubim and earn her 3 wings.

Bio: Sikuma as an orphan child has been living an uneventful life up till now, Her life was taken from her at the age of 3 by Boyz(one of the demons also known as voice) He sucked the life from her purely because of his strong hatred for humans & angels, because of this she has always had a strong hatred for the male species which can never be mended, Sikuma remembers that fateful day all too well and she vows that she will become one of the most powerful angels in Heaven and then she will avenge her death.

Sikuma's days are spent training and also dreaming of "Alexiel" Alexiel is the epitome of Beauty & is one of the two highest angels in Heaven, she has 3 glorious wings that are a sight to behold, Sikuma knows that this secretive love that she has for her is forbidden but that just makes it all the more exiting, she often watches Alexiel & the other Arch Angels as they bathe & play in the sacred fountain, it is the one guilty pleasure she has left, her love affairs usually go unnoticed by most but not all.
After being caught for stealing she was imprisoned in the 4th level of heaven which is where the fallen angels go to be sentinced by the high council, Sikuma's soul is to be endlessly imprisoned in the Angel Crystal until she can fulfill her duties on earth, this is devastating for Sikuma as she will not see the love of her life until she redeems herself & returns to Heaven.
Cast down from Heaven with only her purse & a letter she begins her souless journey on earth, Her sword was not to be seen as it disappears into the darkness.

The letter reads:
You Sikuma have defied us,
3 Quests you will be given,
1. Slay one of the Great demons and bring us his soul,
2. Bring us one of the seven sins and imprison it within a jar,
3. Find the demon that stole your life and make him accountable for what he has done.
Once these tasks are completed, only then will you be allowed to return to us and receive your 2nd & 3rd wings.
So...Sikuma picks herself up, dusts herself off, removes her broken wing and begins her journey for atonement, the one other thing not on the list is to find "Nanami", she cannot survive earth without it.

Doll: 10/10. Profile: 8/10.

Doll Critique:
I barely had to look at the profile to know how Sue your character is. Torn up pink wings, a halo tossed carelessly aside, a Hello Kitty... thing peeking over the wall, enormous pigtails - Sue! And she blends well into the background, as though it were a photo or screenshot of the Fandom she's from.

Profile Critique:
Aren't you supposed to get two wings? Though, I've never seen Angel Sanctuary so I can't really judge you on that particular bit.
Actually, the whole profile confuses me, which is a trademark of Sue, so hence your score. I think. Brain ache.

Doll Critique:
Pink wings with pieces missing; Hello Kitty purse; imported Converses; pigtails; bright pink bow... ugh. This Sue is truly horrific, and is a brilliant example of the Rebel!Sue. I like the feather dropping loose from the doll's wing, and of course, her yoo-nick style. XD

Profile Critique:
Most definitely a Rebel!Sue, and a particularly vomit inducing one as well. Also, an orphan which screams Sue, and harbouring thoughts of revenge. A very nice touch is the forbidden love for a female angel and also her heartbreaking quest. I can just see this Sue lamenting her twagic past to anyone she meets. XD

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