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Default 09-28-2010, 07:05 PM

Bases are from GLAM! - Index - exclusive to members.

Name: Beverly "Blaise" Johanna Michaels.



Blaise has fiery, luscious, vivid, shoulder-length red hair and incredibly bright and cold blue eyes. She has a scar on one side of her face, but she is still the most beautiful girl in all of the poke-universe. She is a stunning and proportional hourglass shape with gorgeous long legs. She has a birthmark on her arm in the shape of a dragon wrapped around her whole arm. She was only average looking until she hit puberty, then she became a beautiful swan. She doesn't like wearing pinks or yellows, only darker colours. She's a mix of goth/punk/skater styles. She doesn't work out, but her body is the envy of most women.

Blaise is very independant, because her parents were murdered and she grew up in foster care. She's honest and loyal. Everyone loves her, even is she doesn't like them. She's a very hard worker, even though everything seems to come naturally to her. She's also very outgoing, intellectual, and passionate.

Blaise is the best pokemon trainer out there, and is the current Pokemon Champion. She has never been beaten in a match. She used to be the Fire Gym Leader when she was 13-16, but since no one can beat her, no one ever got the flame badge. She can also talk to pokemon telepathically, and is the only person ever known to have this power.

Blaise's parents were murdered when she was a little girl. She never had anyone to depend on, and grew up in foster care. This made her a very strong and independant person. She never spent more than a couple months with any family, because she thought they were all too boring. She started raising her Charmander when she was 10. Professor Oak thought that she was incredibly skilled for her age. She has almost completed her pokedex, and is the best trainer of all time in the poke-universe.

Doll: 8/10. Profile: 4/10.

Doll Critique:
The shading is superb, but the biggest problem with me is all the random weird tears in her jeans. That, and her hair looks rather chunky as well. She also has no real defining Sue features.

Profile Critique:
Hate to say it, but entirely unoriginal; that sounds weird, since she's a Sue and all, but I can probably name several instances of a similar character off the top of my head. Plus, her name is too normal and is probably the shortest on here. We've also got a similar character in the other half of this competition and there are painful similarties between the two; and yours was posted after that one.
It doesn't look like you tried very hard with her profile, with the exception that she never works out and still has a number 10 figure and that she's been a gym leader since 13. Raising a charmander at age 10 isn't all that impressive; if memory serves, Ash Ketchum started raising his Pikachu at age ten as well.

Doll Critique:
I like this doll a lot; the clothes are very well shaded and she appears to have a very supercilious look in her eyes, as though she's thinking on her superiority to others. However, the background clashes with the Sue's hair a bit.

Profile Critique:
Not very original; in the Dollmaker thread, there was a Pokesue entered beforehand and yours isn't really very much different. The name isn't flowery enough and could well do for an original character; this isn't what we're looking for in this competition. The Sue also could do with a few more Sueish tendencies and powers to make her more vomit inducing.

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