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Name:Georgina Vanhausten, but she refers to herself as and prefers to be called George
Ethnicity: Republic
Occupation: None really, but if you want something for official papers theif sums it all up fine.
Personality:Cheerful, amiable most of the time, sly, completely untrustworthy, dishonest and prone to changing moods over the strangest things.
Appearance: Tall and lean, long curly/wavy black hair and goldish eyes. Both her parents are of what people would refer to as coloured appearance, so her skin is darker than most other people's. She has a very expressive face, so if she's happy she'll sport a large grin and if not an axcessive pout. All in all think of a generally happy, sometimes moody, food and money loving, curly haired greyhound.
Short Bio:Both her parents were of the lowest ranks in society, both spoke nearly none of the languages used i nthe republic and migrated from the colonies. Her father was like her a thief and her mother worked as a servant in a politicians household. Both are now dead from various illnesses that the use of steam which caused several of the poorer and more crowded parts of the town to begin to reek and the air to be filled with nasty things. Hence she's grown up on the streets, and don't get me wrong she's no noble sort of self sufficient pirate, she'd swap all of her friends and aqquantices for the life of a politician.

George grinned confidently as she made her way down the streets of Capitol city, making sure to keep the head of reddish brown curls in view. She'd easilly managed to follow the woman from the darker more shifty streets of town where she lived towards the more upmarket streets, dotted with restaurants and fashionable shops. George was aware that in the smoke filled gutters that she called home no one could see her following them, it was always easy to pull out a dagger and collect her days pay then. However these busier parts of town presented a challenge, something new and something which she found very exciting.

She let her mind wander, while keeping a sharp eye out and remembered the lady she'd conned last week. She'd only had to offer directions, give the lady some useless information and dissapear, with of course the heavy gold watch and jewellry. They'd brought a good price now she remembered.

As the woman entered a fancy looking parlour George's interest returned and she too slipped inside. She winked at the young boy who worked there, she knew him well and in exchange for help she'd often given him a share of the loot before. He nodded and hurried of the serve the girl. George fell back into her own chair, her gaze slid around the room and found its way back to the woman. She was oviously well brought up and George smiled to herself in delight. There was going to be more than just fish for dinner tonight.

Ooc: I have a few sketches of George, I'll scan 'em in when I get back to Melbourne for your viewing pleasure (or not).

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