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Default 09-26-2010, 11:24 PM

Bases will be from Chocotini on deviantART
(Sorry for the low quality, I'm working on it. :/)

Name: Violette Glitter Rose Sugar Juliet Isabelle Snow.
Age: 15.
Fandom: The Hunger Games Triliogy
Appearance: Violette has pale white skin, soft as a baby's skin, and looking like the skin of a porcelien doll. She has blonde hair as white as a the clouds and more volumous than anyone else's hair in Panem. Her eyes are light green, the color of the grass in summer, and are the most beautiful naturally colored eyes anyone had ever seen. She is short for her age, but everyone adores her so much, they bend their knees so they are the same height as her. She is quite bodacious for how thin her waist is, and for how little she eats. She has glitter tattoos on her left cheek, sprialing outwards to the rest of her face, the glitter bringing out the flecks of other color in her.
Personality: Violette is nice and pleasnet to everyone she meets, even if they are compeltely mean and jealous of her. She is the top of her class, and has a GPA of 5.39. She is the most poular girl at school due to her charasma and charm, and she loves to hang out with people. She is quite the opposite of a typical blonde, and is very nice, smart, and amazing.
Powers/Skills: Expertly can play the piano, as well as sing, design clothes, and model.
Bio: Violette is the daughter of President Snow, who is the President of the Capitol and all 12 districts of Panem. She gets whatever she wants, because she is so charming, and because she is the president's daughter. So when she siad she wanted to be put into the 73rd Hunger Games, everyone was suprised. Violette was put in, and was the first tribute from the Capitol, and the first Victor of the Capitol. She had special privleges inside the arena, as her father specifically told the gamemakers to make sure she won, but Violette doesn't know that.

Doll: 4/10. Profile: 5/10.

Doll Critique:

The background is severely at odds with the doll. For one, I'm almost positive you took the background from a Final Fantasy game, but I'm not sure. Also, the doll itself is very plain and the only defining feature is the heart on her cheek, and even that isn't very obvious.

Profile Critique:
Glitter Rose Sugar. That sounds appetizing. Hm. I want something sweet now.
I'll admit that reading your profile was interesting, but what makes your Sue super special in comparison to the others? What makes her OHSOSPESHUL? All she has going for her is that she's the daughter of the President.

Doll Critique:
While the doll is pleasant enough, there just isn't anything to mark her out as a Mary Sue. There are no annointments such as jewelry or outlandish clothes, so the Sueishness isn't apparent. The background is too large and almost swamps the doll. I'm also not overly keen on the pallette for the dress.

Profile Critique:
A sickly sweet name that makes one want to vomit; yeah, that screams Sue alright. XD However, the profile is very short and there isn't really anything that marks this Sue apart from the characters of your chosen canon. She's more of a thin character than a Sue; there needs to be a lot more description and perhaps some purple prose.

baby, you got me. ♥

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