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Tree Tutorial- Pix paradise

I finally got to finish this entry, I tried very hard to draw a simple doll but I just couldnt and anyway try making an Elvish princess simple.... I am sorry for the long drawn out Bio but Xylia is quite a complicated character, I found it very hard to simplify it.

Name-Xylia Maurelle Luella Fluer Lanthine Emerenta
Age-17 almost 18
Fandom-The Lord of the Rings(Tolkein)

Appearance-Flowing Blood red hair that glistens in the moonlight, Xylia’s hair is her crowning glory, a never-ending cascade of snake like coils, she has two different coloured eyes, her right eye is green, a bright vivid representation of a perfect emerald. Her left eye is as grey as a stormy tempest everlasting. Blessed with unimaginable raw beauty that is stark and impressive, any who dare drink her beauty will surely fall under her bewitching spell.
Although she loves her lavish elegant finery, she loves nothing more then to put on her leathers during the day, her finely crafted battle gear is made, ready and lays in wait.
Personality- Xylia is a quite soul who prefers her own company, she is looked upon as an outsider to many, she would do anything for anyone that shows her kindness, but do her wrong and you will feel her scorn forever, she spends many hours alone but does enjoy the company of her animal friends who are a very beneficial asset to her.
Powers & Skills-Xylia’s grey eye is powerfully magical, it is “All Seeing” It has the power of the “Elements” When threatened Xylia is able to summon Powerful Fire, Earth, Air & Water Elementals to help her, she can also see for great distances which is very handy as she is extremely skilled with her ornate magical long bow.
Xylia’s friendship with the Forest & animal kingdom has given her the opportunity to study behaviours which in turn has taught her forestry & communication with her fellow animal friends.
Xylia was born in Caras Galadon the beautiful city of trees within the heart of Lothlorien, She is a twin to her sister lady Galadriel, born 7 minutes earlier she was the elder of the two, all was not as it seemed as Xylia was born with an abnormality, She has 2 different coloured eyes & is mute. Legend has it that any who is born with the evil eye & no tongue is a curse to all and therefore will be shunned from all Elven existence.
Sent away to be raised by the old witch in the forest, she grew to be a fine young woman albeit with a very dark personality she loved nothing more then to spend her days in the forest Learning many skills sign language, Forestry, Long bow, animal communication, and nature magic, her eye became the main study focus for what she has in store for all of the people that betrayed her.
Revenge is always is always on her mind and is the prime motivation to learn as many skills as possible, she will never forget the hurtful betrayal of her own kind and vows to get her revenge. Vengence will be hers.
Lady Galadriel her twin also became a beautiful woman and it did come to pass that Galadriel took heir to the throne and therefore started her rein in Lothlorien, being the elder of the two Xylia was destined to claim the title as “Queen” of the Elves, feeling once again betrayed Xylia started devising her plans to reclaim her rightful throne, so every month when the moon is full she sits at the edge of the old forest on the old gnarled tree as she has been doing for the last 10 years and waits, watches and listens the council meetings held by the “Elders”, on this tree is where she learns everything she needs to know of Lothlorien & the plans for it's future
Xylia vows she will be Queen, and will rule this god forsken land that she once called home.

Doll: 7/10. Profile 8/10.

Doll Critique:
Definitely not your stereotypical looking elf; I can definitely feel some Mary Sue vibes coming from her mismatched eyes alone. Not to mention her.. wardrobe is rather eccentric for a woodland elf (as demonstrated by the tree on w hich she has reposed). My only problem is that the background isn't as well shaded as she is; and the blue background sky has washed out some of the color in her hair. I had to lean in to see the shading properly. However, the shading on the dress itself is fabulous and the pattern on the skirt is divinely pretty.

Profile critique:
Now see, this is Mary Sue. So much Sue. Though I noticed that Emerenta ( or anything that sounds like Emerald) is a recurring theme with Mary Sues... Hm. Anyway, I love the last sentence of her appearance: She loves finery but certainly prefers leather.
Her personality is unfortunately very typical of Sues altogether; heart of gold to those who are kind, etc.
Powers: Eh, not to thrilled with her powers. She's an elf, powers like that are expected in a Sue, and her See For Great Distances power is something all elves have (remember Legolas and his Longsight?
Biography: Oooo, seven minutes (is she the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, by any chance?) And the tabooness of her odd appearance being shun-worthy is usual.
Her desire for revenge certainly seems to fit with her personality but also kind of crosses against it, because it says she's kind but scornful and yet Galadriel isn't the one who shunned her.
Ah, well, who am I to question the wrath of Sues?

Doll Critique:
A very original elf Sue this; it's far more common to have an elfin Sue clad in a white dress, a bow and arrow by her side. I'm glad that you sheered away from the stereotype in this contest. I agree about the background; a paler one, so that the doll stands out better, would have been more effective. I love the shading, and the hair is beautifully done.

Profile Critique:
Incredibly Sueish with tons of purple prose and unnecessary detail, this is a very praiseworthy effort. I particularly like the way that your Sue is shunned by the other elves so therefore desires revenge. Her powers could be a little more outrageous; Longsight is common among elves. Perhaps controlling the weather or something more outlandish would fit better? All in all, a hilariously hideous Sue profile.

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