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Default 09-17-2010, 08:05 AM

Ditto with the Tim Burton, lol.

New Doll! This is what I would have drawn for Sentimental's Fashion contest:

Base: Star Girl
Reference: This Pic & This Pic

I had chosen to do Wa Lolita...and I'm not quite sure if I pulled it off or not? Looks more like a "Dark Geisha" halloween costume if you ask me, lol. I tried to make it look more "Lolita" by adding a lace trim and the pattern on her short kimono wrap is skulls. I also did the straight bangs and gave the traditional buns a twist, but it still just looks like a costume to me, lol. Oh well. What do you think? How could I have made this doll look more like the Wa Lolita fashion? I guess I could have made the skirt poofy...but the second reference pic's skirt wasn't poofy?!

Anywho...Going to make a new hand drawn later this week, if not today. So see ya'll later! Thanks for dropping by, but before you leave post your comments! I feel like I'm updating myself more often than not, lol.


Well...Guess I wasn't done dolling today xD
So I pixeled the doll I said I was going to do later this week. No comments yet?! It's been several several hours!

So this one will be for Chessie's contest. It's an alien theme, so I tried to be UBER creative:

Base Credit

Why do I keep torturing myself?! Seriously, I thought I swore of larger dolls? Oh well...

Meet Soli! Isn't she cute?! I did A TON of base-edits to create her. She's of the Dariana Race (So she's a Darianan). I had NO idea where to start for this doll. I did find the base with the lips already set abnormally low and with pointy ears, but I knew I wanted a more "alien" look. I started with the MIA nose. Instead of creating a nose in the normal place I've put her "nose" in between her eyes and around her antennae. I say "nose" because it's not really what we know to be a nose. It's a sensory gland.

The Dariana Race has evolved over the years to have supremely advanced senses. Those glands can smell like a nose, taste like a tongue and feel like a cat's whiskers, especially the glands on the ears.

Other than the edits already mentioned the skin is obviously abnormal (it's turquoise-blue due to the creatures being mostly made of water), and she has the 'normal' alien digits (with rounded tips, lacking as many as we have with 4 on each hand and 3 on each foot). Their walking/running capabilities are flawed by their lack of balance due to their few toes.

The lack of sufficient toes do not pose a problem as the Darianan race has advanced technology. They've created an "instant transportation" suit that also allows them to hover. The suit allows them to do both as they're mostly made of water. It's like a controlled 'misting effect'. The only setback is that the suit requires hydro-power.

Which brings us to why these cute little things have come to our precious planet. They're resources are low where they come from. There's not a doubt in any Earthing's mind that these clumsy and adorably small creatures will destroy us all with their advanced technology and super-sensory abilities. Doom I tell you...D-o-O-o-M!!!

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