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Name: Kiku Honda
Nation Name: Japan
Age: 20 (Even though he claims he's old XD)
Affiliation: Axis Powers
Short Bio: Kiku is a shy and a hard working man. He doesn't know much about the outside world, but he manages to adjust to other people and he gets curious about others, so he observes them to learn more about the other nations. He works on the Axis side along with Germany and N. Italy and gets along with them quitew well. He also loves soft and fluffy animals and has a small dog name Pochi.

Name: Matthew Williams
Nation Name: Canada
Age: A year younger then America
Affiliation: Neutral Maybe? XD (Maybe Allies too =\)
Short Bio: Canda is America's younger (or twin?) brother. Unlike America he is the total opposite, he is shy, sensitive, and hates fighting. Despite this, he is often mistaken for his brother and has found himself in trouble for incidents that America has caused. When he's not being mistaken for his brother, all the other nations tend to forget that he exists. He is also passive aggressive and was once able to make America cry by arguing with him for over three hours and pointing out every single one of his faults. He also carries around his pet polar bear name Kumajirou who forgets about him.

Sorry it's a little rushed, but hopefully it's ok!! D:


Matthew slowly creeps his way into the room. "Um, I'm here..." he says in a quite monotone voice.

"Where are we?" questioned his pet polar bear Kumajirou that he carries in his arms.

"We are at the Allies meeting I think..." Matthew replied.

"Who are you again?"

"Ah! It's Canada!"


Meanwhile Kiku arrives at the Axis meeting spot where the Axis Powers, Germany, North Italy, and Japan himself would meet up. He looks around his surroundings. "Strange," he says to himself. "No one is here yet. I might be a little early today." He looks down at his watch, it's half past noon. Usually their little meetings would start by now. He's not usually suprised that Italy isn't here yet since he's always late, but Germany would never be late for a meeting, especially since he is the one who sets it up.

"Where could they be?" he says nervously. He begins to worry. "I'm probably a day early. I think the meeting starts tommarow or something..."

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