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Base: Star Girl

Name: Emerald Silverheart Demeter Ravenwing Voldermort
Age: 15 years old, however she often appears older due to her stunning looks and killer wardrobe.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Appearence: Emerald's hair is as black as the velvet midnight sky, her eyes are as silver like the moon on a Winters night. She is half Japanese and she wears stunning clothes, particularly favouring green, skintight items, which compliment her silky black hair and slinky cat like figure. There are no words in the current Oxford dictionary that I could find to express Emerald's beauty or sense of fashion. None of the teachers at Hogwart's argue with her when she wears casual clothes instead of uniform because of how icy cool she is.
Personality: Emerald is the ice queen of Hogwarts, she's rebellious full of atttitude and is extremely popular amonst the students. She never does anything that's not cool and although she doesn't really care about her grades she is still extremely smart and scores well. Emerald like anyone else has major faults, well one to be exact...lots of other girls are jealous of her beauty, intelligence and careless popularity. She is of course a member of Slytherin and a pure blood.
Powers/Skills: Emerald is the daughter of Voldermort, hence she is the most powerful student at Hogwarts, even more so than Harry Potter and most of the teachers. She is very fast due to her cat lke features that I mentioned before so she is better than all of the boys (and girls) at Quidditch as well.
One last skill, her appearance is never hindered in battle, she never sustains injuries or tears to her clothes and her hair is never mussed (anyone seen disney's Aladin?)
Bio: Emerlad is Voldermort's only daughter and was forced to make a terrible decision when she first entered Hogwarts, she had to decide between good and evil. She rebelled against her father and faced him in one final countdown which would save Hogwarts and all the students but also meant she would have to risk her own life. She was the school's only hope. She managed to defeat Voldermort forever, a feat that Harry never acomplished and saved the school. She is well known to be extremely powerful and all of the other students and teacher look up to her and respect her, except for those who are jealous of her. She is dating Draco Malfoy, who has had a massive crush in her ever since she arrived. She has saved the school several other times since then, always returning without a scratch.

Phew, that was a lot of fun, everybody watch out for Emerald Silverheart Demeter Ravenwing Voldermort and I may haunt any possible Harry Potter rps you come up with xD

Hopefully it's sueish enough...if not just say the word and I will re appear to edit

(you probably don't want me to edit it to further sueish perfection, you may not have enough paper bags in your supply :3)

Anyways, I'm off and away now, good luck everyone ^.^

Doll: 6/10. Profile: 5/10.

Doll Critique:
I really like the colors; they're very Slytherin, and I wonder if you planned that on purpose or by her name because it definitely has a I'M A SLYTHERIN! stamped all over it. Though, there really is nothing that says "Ooo lookit me I'm a Sue;" if we were to look at her without the profile below, we wouldn't know what a strange, vile creature she was on the inside.
Also, there's something about her hair that's just bothering me. It looks a little weird; blocky, in a sense.

Profile Critique:
Fabulously long name, but she's the stereotypical B*tchiwitch Sue. She also (stereotypially) defeats Voldemort, her father, but she could Cannonraep the story more by dating someone other than Malfoy. I have to admit, I'm particularly enjoying how you say she's pureblood when Voldemort himself was halfblood. XD
I like her "Perfect Appearance" ability; I've never seen that being outright described in a Sue.

Doll Critique:
I love the Slytherin Sue; especially how she automatically wears black and green, and of course her hilarious lack of a uniform, so common in Harry Potter Sues. Her hair looks strangely shaded; and she could have more accessories to completely hammer the Sueishness home.

Profile Critique:
The long name is lol, seriously. I agree with my fellow judge that the profile isn't very original; she could for example be flouting her house and dating a Gryffindor, or even a muggle. Her power to remain perfect while fighting is a nice touch.

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