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Name: Master Trainer Eliza Theresa Constance Orchid Katchum
Age: 8
Fandom: Pokemon
Appearence: Eliza is a gorgeous little girl with a mystical pixie-like figure that makes all women in both the Sinoh and Jotoh regions jealous. Her caramel colored, luscious locks are in her two signature top buns. for an 8 year old, she is surprisingly developed and looks way older than she really is, attracting the attention of all the boys.
Personality: She is a very kind, loving, generous spirit who's heart is a as beautiful as her appearance. She loves her Pokemon so much she hopes to run a Poke-Center.
Powers/Skills: Eliza is a Master trainer, and she can catch any Pokemon she battles because they will be drawn to her beauty and kindness. She can also communicate telepathically with all Pokemon, and has collected one of every Pokemon alive.
Eliza Theresa Constance Orchid Katchum, is the younger sister of Ash Katchum. Professor Oak sent her out to do his reasearch two years before he asked Ash, because her beauty made him feel guilty for leaving out her brother. She is the gym leader of several gyms in the Sinoh AND Jotoh leagues, but has other people runt them for her. Eliza has in her possesion, every single legendary Pokemon including Mew and Mew-Two. All pokemon are drawn to her beauty and personality because she has an aura of welcoming energy. She is dating Broc, even though she is only 8 because she is so mature, he doesn't care. Eliza is part of Team Rocket as their Pokemon trainer because evry single trainer in the Sinoh reigon was considered inept compared to her.

Doll: 7/10. Profile: 7/10.

Doll Critique:
It looks like it popped right out of the new Poke'Mon games; the trees, the pokemon, and the character. Though, there's really nothing to her that seems Sue-ish unless you read the profile alongside it. Make her look riduclously fancy - though I will note that the short skirt definitely screams Sue, and would do even more so had you put snow on the ground.

Profile Critique:
Rather yawn-ish, but the additional creep-factor by Brock dating and 8 year old saves you from being too stereotypically sue. Telepathy is incredibly common in Poke'Mon Sues, it seems, and though I haven't heard of "So pretty that she can catch any Poke'Mon."
Master Trainer at the age of 8 - definitely Sue.
Dating Brock: Super-creepy factor. That was delightfully Sueful.
Bio: Stereo..whaat? She's with Team Rocket too? WHAT? I'm confused now. You've succeeded in baffling me. I think you earned yourself another point with that whammy.

Doll Critique:
I like this doll a lot; she looks exactly like what she's supposed to be, ie a Pokemon trainer and the background looks very cartoony. However, the doll could do with a few more embellishments to further Sueify her; for example, props, jewelry, perhaps even a couple of prizes like medals.

Profile Critique:
This Sue seems very dull... that is, until you read the part about her being eight years old and dating Brock! The very act of making Brock into Pedobear is an inspired move, and certainly makes this Sue a lot more interesting. Not to mention the fact that despite being on the good side, she also trains Team Rocket due to being the best trainer. And all at eight. XD

"I feel you breathing... Everywhere...The rain, the hay... please. Please Wendela."

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