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Default 08-12-2010, 03:06 PM

I am definitely not, profer, YOU are teh profer!~ ;D ♥

And yeah, I agree.. I was unsure of how to fix it properly though.. >__<; Thanks!~

So, here's the doll for Christy's contest (Copy/pasted a little)

I tried to do something different than I normally do, so I did a more anime-styled shading..

Anywho, this doll is of Crona from the anime and manga Soul Eater. He is so cute! X3 I edited this base's face a lot to make it look more like him, so I hope that's okay and that it resembles him at least somewhat.. .__."

I reeeally wanted to doll a mini Ragnarok on his head, but for the sake of the contest, I didn't, seeing as it would have obscured his hair a lot. ^^; Maybe I'll edit it in someday..

Soul Eater and Crona are Atsushi Ōkubo

Base is the "Thompson Base" Christy at her DA

Main Reference used: click
As well as looking at some scans of the manga, watching the anime, and by skimming through some fanarts. =3

Info about Crona from Wiki, incase anyone is interested:

"Medusa's child and the Demon Swordmaster, serving as the meister of the Demon Sword Ragnarok. Crona's gender is left ambiguous, giving Crona several androgynous qualities. In the Yen Press translation of the manga and the Funimation dub of the anime, Crona is referred to as a "he" to simplify the matter.

Crona is extremely reclusive, expressing uncertainty at interacting with others and dealing with certain situations. At an early age, Crona's blood was replaced with black blood from Ragnarok by Medusa as part of her experiments to create a kishin. This blood can harden to protect Crona from damage and be used as additional projectile weapons through external wounds, though it causes Crona to go insane for brief periods.

Crona's childhood was spent by killing small animals and being locked in a dark room for days on end as punishment for disobedience. Unlike normal meister and weapon pairs, who can perform "Soul Resonances", Crona can perform a "Scream Resonance" (悲鳴共鳴, Himei Kyōmei) with Ragnarok to perform various shockwave-based energy attacks."

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