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Name: Sophie Jenkins
Age: 15
Human/Super Human: Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Sophie has an odd, nameless ability; if she talks to inanimate objects, they'll obey her will, to a certain extent.
Appearance: unruly, fiery curls tumble down from Sohie's head and shoulders, and nothing she has used on them has ever worked. In fact, she's learned ot just let her curls be; the more she messed with them, the frizzier they seemed to get. Predictably, she has fair skin with freckles all year round. Her face is the round type, and a sof chin. her lips are a bit odd, with a tiny upper lip and a lower lip that makes her appear as if she's puting all the time. Her brows are naturally strawberry blonde, and almost blend into her skin, giving her the look of having no brows at all, and her eyes are heavy lidded, making the midnight-blue irises often look black. Body-wise, she's got an average figue with average, "flabby" arms, but large, curvy thigs and butt, and dwarf-like feet. She thinks of herself as awkward-looking at the best of times.
Personality: Usually, in class, Sophie appears to be quiet, and is often found reading a book. But a few people have found that Sophie can be quite argumentive, forward, and strong of mind in certain situations. And, when something quite out of the ordinary happens in her life, she can be quite nosey simply because she has a need to know and understand everything that goes on.
Bio: Sophie is the eldest in her family, and has two younger sisters. Her father owns and runs a small shop downtown, so the girls are somewhat well-off, but not rich.Sophie's stepmother seems to love all the girls equaly, though he only daughter amongst them is the younggest. Altogether, Sophie finds her life to be rather dull, but has no idea what to do about it.

Sophie was glad to have her voice back. Though she didn't talk much at school, losing one's voice for an entire week is rather unsettling, and she was glad it was over. Now, she roamed downtown by the shops and through the throngs of people, heading to her father's little clothing and accessories store to speak with him about her upcoming birthday and how many people she could invite.

She actually lived on Long island, and had been allowed to take the train by her stepmother, *****, to Manhatten. Sophie had done similar things before, though with friends and not entirely alone, and had felt fine riding alone in the train. Now, though, she was triyng to remember the exact location of her father's shop, and was getting frustrated that she hadn't seen it. "I think I need a nice, cool glass of water and a moment to consider in a nice, relatively quiet cafe, or sometihng." she mumured ot herself. After walking a few more minutes, Sophie actually discovered her father's shop, and stumbled inside. she sighed and stepped forward to the clerk.

"Can I help you?" The guy asked.

"Yes, is my father, Mr. Jenkins, around?" She asked.

"Er, no, he left. But he should be back in a couple hours." The guy said.

Scowling, Sophie left the shop, stomping around the hot streets of the island. There wa just something about the city that trapped and even nurtured the heat of the sun, which had randimly just come out, though it was supposed ot rain later.

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