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Name: Mel Sanders
Age: 17
Human/Super Human: Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Electric
Appearance: Quite scruffy, very messy black hair with red streaks and a long fringe, average height and weight, green eyes and with a love for black boots.
Personality: Very laid back and easy going a lot of the time, however she can also be very sarcastic, ignorant and often rude.
Bio: Not much different to the ‘normal’ teenager. She grew up with her mum and dad in the very same city she lives in now however they’ve since split up. So she spends one week with her dad and the next with her mum and her boyfriend. It was all very friendly and still is.
Her great love is for music, particularly loud music and it’s what she’s currently studying. Until gaining electric abilities nothing unusually has ever happened to her.

The street was full of people. Mel slung her bag over her shoulder and mingled in the crowd, coffee in hand. That was the good thing about living in a huge city, no one really noticed you, what you wore. People thought about themselves, and why not. Mel turned off the main street into a series of smaller alleyways.

It was quite obvious the apartment her father had lived in had seen better days, a few streets away and it stood, small, humble and on the verge of falling apart. But it was like the people of the city, no one really cared about it. Except for her mother. Strange how two people so different could be on such good terms.

Mel flinched as a sudden flicker of pain rocketed through her body, the coffee cup dropped to the floor, grainy liquid spilling out of it. A few seconds later the pain stopped. Mel stood staring at the puddle on the ground in confusion…she couldn’t remember dropping it. Oh well, Mel decided, ignore it and keep on walking. Mel emerged on another busy main street, feeling no different than before…


Name: Liam Jones
Age: 16
Human/Super Human: Super Human
Powers and Abilities: Speed
Appearance: Tall and pretty thin, he's an athelete by trade, spiky brown hair, he has one blue eye and one brown.
Personality: To be honest, he can pretty up himself, arrogant and stubborn, however he won't hesitate to speak his mind or speak in defence of anyone he knows and is friends with.
Bio: His father lives overseas and has holiday houses all over the world. You guessed it, Liam's family has never really been needy when it comes to money. But that never really made a happy family, his parents have on and off affairs and there isn't much love going around, to be fair Liam never really took an interest in his parents either. When you consider your parents to both be selfish b*stards, you generally don't.

When he was little he got teased a lot for having one blue eye and one brown eye, but as got older he fought back at the bulies and soon he was generally pretty popular, which lead to another problem, arrogance. It's dow right his biggest poblem. And sicne there's no one he lives with to say no Liam has pretty much got used to living on his own terms.

The street was busy enough, Liam realized that as he watched his mates disappear into the mass. It was pity they had curfews, set by parents...parents who cared, parents who were definently irritating but also definently there. He gave a mock salute and headed in his own direction. There were plces to go, people to meet. New York was just one of those places.

For no reason whatsoever Liam's heart leapt, he refrained from lurching forwards but immedietly clutched on tighter to his bag, a water bottle rolled out. As he leant over to pick it up his heart began to race faster again. It was like an overdose of adrenoline, Liam collected the waterbottle and made his way over to the side of the street.

He stumbled slightly but managed to make it to a nearby streetpost, he grabbed hold of it and let out a sigh of relief, the energy rush had left as soon as it had come.


Name: Dr Henry Larrkon
Age: 45
Human/Super Human: Human
Powers and Abilities: None
Appearance: Wouldn’t stand out in a street of average people, normal hair cut, brown eyes, glasses, lab coat…
Personality: Scatter brained, Idiotic and on occasions a complete genius.
Bio: The strange child who had used scientific terms at the age of 6, who had built a model train out of scratch, who asked his teacher if he could learn the periodic table instead of ‘the cat sat on the mat’.
Henry was always a strange child, he grew up into a strange adult. The government however found his knowledge very useful for quite a while. That was until he brought up this idea of a super human. That was when he got kicked out, accused of being a maniac and the magician made an appearance.
An old nemsis, the Dr has never mentioned where he and the magicina met, though durng their rare encounters they've never shared much love for each other. For years Dr Larrkon simly forgot about him, the memories faded, but now he's back. And Dr Larrkon is sure he's behind the mass crimes that begin to occur in the city.

“Dam.nit,” Dr Larrkon sung out, because everything was going well and he didn’t want to jinx it. That was why he said dam.nit. On one computer screen he had a clear view of a black haired girl walking down a busy street. ‘Mel Sanders - Electric capabilities’ popped up on the screen. It was soon followed by 'Liam Jones - Superhuman Speed'.
“Blast, dam.nit, Worst luck,” Dr Larrkon sung out again as he began to dance around the room, almost knocking over several nearby test tubes. He squeezed his hands together in excitement…
“Who’s going to be next, my goodness, who will it be?” Dr Larrkon giggled hysterically to himself and set off in another dancing frenzy as he waited impatiently for his next experiment to appear.

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