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Copy & paste time!
Yay, I made it in time! I think this was the most difficult doll I've ever done, but not because of the shading. No, the worst part was finding a base. I literally spent 3 days of my life searching Google, my bookmarks, and deviantART for sites that weren't closed and bases that weren't traced off of anime pictures. I'm not joking when I say the most popular bases are traced. Every so often, I came across a decent looking base, but it would be facing straight with three poses, all of which only had the arms slightly edited. If anybody knows where I can find bases, please spread the wealth! It's such a rarity these days. So, without further ado, I present...

Psionica! (sai-on-ik-ah)

When she was born, Mina was a normal baby. At least, that's what her parents thought. At a young age, her powers began to manifest. Where most toddler first learned to crawl, then walk, Mina could levitate before doing either. She would make her toys float over to her, and sometimes know what people would do before they did it, allowing her to dodge them accordingly. As the eldest child and the couple's first, they didn't know what to do. To avoid her secret getting out, she spent her early years indoors with the only interaction being with her parents and younger sister. Her father spent these years teaching her how to fight and control her powers while convincing her it would be catastrophic if anybody else knew. As a result, she kept her secret as she entered school. Occasionally, she would make things float out of proper position, much to the class's (and teacher's) horror, while never letting them know she was the one behind it. As she got older, she became bored with only using her abilities at home. At the age of 14, she decided to take on the alias of "Psionica" and fight the many evils that plague her city. It's been a year, and now she has to deal with problems other than petty muggers on the street while still learning how to use her powers...

I've always wanted psychic powers. :D
"Psionic" is the term for psychic powers, such as telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), empathy (reading somebody's emotions), telepathy (ability to transmit, know, and manipulate thoughts), clairvoyance (to see through other people's eyes), precognition (to see the future), retrocognition (seeing into the past), channeling (give and receive spiritual energy), and astral projection (the ability to put your spirit in another object. This is dangerous as you cannot protect your own body and if it dies, you can't return to it.)
I realize there is a lot wrong with it, but I wanted to bang this bad boy out as quickly as possible. The clothes are supposed to be shiny leather or something like that, because it looks cool and it makes fighting crime in the rain less...wet. ^^
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