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Name: Goldenstar
Age: Eighteen Moons
Clan and Position: Thunderclan Leader
Appearance: Large with a golden, rust coloured and light brown striped coat. Gold eyes,
fairly long coated.
Brief Bio: Apprenticed to one of the finest warriors of the Thunderclan, Goldenstar began as an average kit. He was hardly impressive, and though he wanted to be known as a great warrior spent most of his earlier days playing with other kits and rarely taking anything in. His attitude changed however when his master, Lionpaw, was killed in battle. Feeling partly responsible as his apprentice, Goldenstar began to pay close attention to every lesson in the art of combat. He began to stand out from the other cats in the clan, and soon became deputy. The fromer clan leader eventually passed away and Goldenstar finally to up leadership of the clan.
Although he often seems bossy and stubborn he can also be quite determined, jolly and is usually very defensive of any actions taken by a member of his clan. He sees it as his duty as leader to guide his warriors in the right direction ,not wanting them learn from the same harsh lesson he himself did.

Name: Willowstar
Age: Nineteen Moons
Cland and Position: Riverclan Leader
Appearance: Long coated and speckled in different shades of grey, with very pale blue eyes.
Brief Bio: As a kit Willowstar was always particularly studious, taking into account everything she was told by the warrior who trained her about battle. She took great interest in the fights between clans but often imagined they could be avoided if discussions were held in a different manner. Disliking any form of argument without an extremely good reason might have been looked scornfully on by the member of any of the other clans and yet the Riverclan encouraged it.
Willowstar wasn't really considered importantant during her time as deputy and was placed in the role as Leader after the former occupant died on the battlefield. She remains determined to this day not to see any cat from the Riverclan killed without reason. Hence he often calm and deliberate demeanor.


Goldenstar paced slowly back and forwards in the moonlight. He was cursing under his breathe. It was hard to believe such idiotic and usually harmless things at the Two Legs had caused such a racket. It had been difficult to walk among so many corpses, it brough back memories Goldenstar would rather have forgotten. For once in his life a slight feeling of unease entered his mind. What would Lionpaw have done? No. No use thinking about Lionpaw, the old warrior wasn't here anymore. The only question to be asked was what would Goldenstar do...he held his head up and stopped walking, it was time to return to the highstones, descions were to be made. And Goldenstar felt both he and Poppyfur's presence was going to be needed.

Willowstar stared at the grounds on which her clan had once lived in what could have been a look of utter defeat. It wasn't though, not really, at least Willowstar severely hoped not. 'Be strong' she told herself, but it was hard to be. It tore her heart to see Snowpaw racing from one dying kit to another without it tugging at her heart. She turned away, it was time to concentrate o nthe future. She had agreed with the other clan leaders that the only option was to move to another home and she needed to be ready to begin a new journey. A new look, one of determination crosses Willowstar's face. No one else was going to die for such a stupid reason as the Two Legs, not if she had anything to do with it, not tonight, not ever.

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