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Name: Stonetail
Age: (will be edited in later)
Clan and Position: Shadowclan Deputy
Appearance: Stonetail is an off-white cat with a dark grey tail, one dark grey spot on his rump, and his left ear is grey. His fur is medium-length, but he's quite fluffy. He's also exceedingly large; some would assume he's just fat, but it is, infact, all muscle. (I have found a picture of a cat that represents how I see Stonetail's body in my mind, though the colors are off. Click here.) He has a thick, muscular neck, a small, cute pink nose, and dark amber-colored eyes.
Brief Bio: Stonetail has always been a large cat, and has always been singled out for it, even though he's displayed on many occassions that he's not fat, just large and very muscular.He is very sensitive to being picked on about his size, however, and has quite a temper. Though he can be clever in battle, in an argument he's often almost witless and will use the same insults repeatedly. He can often be sulky is he loses an argument, but he gets over it an his emotions when he's nedded by his clan. Though he often feigns to be gruff and indifferent, he has a softer, caring side, and will look after his friends while hiding behind his little mask of gruffness.


Name: Snowpaw
Age: (will be edited in later)
Clan and Position: Riverclan medicine cat
Appearance: Snowpaw is a sleek cat with long, shining fur in a beautiful golden-orange color, with the exception of her front right paw, which is a perfect whie. She has a brown nose and blue eyes. Her face is a bit on the long side, and her meow is kitten-like.
Brief Bio: Snowpaw is a sweet-hearted, selfless girl, who sees to the needs of other before her own almost to a fault. She has never liked fighting, and wishes there was a way to end all fighting for once and for all. She can often lack self-confidence, and won't stand up for herself.


Stonetail was beyond just irritated, he was livid; the Twolegs had taken things too far. Not for the first time, Stonetail wanted to lash out, to strike back at those furless Twolegs, but knew he couldn't; the Twolegs cheated and didn't fight with what was given to them, like the cats did. Stonetail thought over this all bitterly as ha carefully licked his tail, which had been injured when he'd reluctantly made his retreat from the humans. Satisfied that his tail was good enough for noe, he left to find Shadowstar, his rather impulsive and dark superior. But he also considered her a friend, and knew she'd rarely talk to anyone in a decent manner except for him. Stonetail smirked smugly as he thought of this, but smothered this expression with his usual vague scowl when he came into her presence. "shadowstar, do you want me to count survivors and report to you?" he asked. He had a deep, rough sort of voice that made him sound as though he was the Twoleg equivalent to a middle-aged man, though he was, in fact, much younger. He knew he had to tread carefully around his leader, so to speak, as her anger made his look like it had the force of say, a mouse's. He waited quietly for a reply.


Snowpaw had never felt so horrible in her entire life; so many injured, many more dead! She worked hard to patch up those who could be helped, and gave poppy to those she could not, hoping to give them at least some peace as the mortally wounded slipped away to join Starclan. Unfortunately, she had to let more die than she would like to, simply because things would only get worse form here, and she'd been told that those who wouldn't be decent enough to move in an emergency had to be let go. She understood, but allowing anyone to die when she might have normally been able to see them recover, even if recovery was slim, tore at her heart in a way that made her fel as though she herself sould be among the wounded. But she had to do her duty, and do it well; she forced herself to ignore her own feelings and to work to save as many as she could. She knew that, sooner or later, the temporary camp that had been set up would likely be abandoned and moved somewhere else. Thus, she had to work twice as fast as she'd like to and rush things, as she instinctivley assumed that the move would take place 'sooner' rather than 'later'.

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