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Name: Shadowstar.
Age: Unknown .
Clan and Position: Shadowclan Clan Leader.
Appearance: Black all over, without a single white hair and jade green eyes. Shadowstar also has one torn ear and a scar accross her face from fighting. Pic, minus scar and torn ear.
Brief Bio: Shadowstar originally had the name Shadowpelt, after finishing her apprenticeship and becoming a warrior. She became Clan leader after fighting and driving out a suspected spy from the clan, who was thought to be from Thunderclan, tho never proven. Shadowstar is quick to anger and very impulsive, and often acts before she thinks. She is also bitter and twisted, from nursing various grudges against those she believes to be her enemies, and finds it difficult to give up said grudges. About the only cat she will speak to properly is her deputy. Shadowstar will also snap and strike out at any underling who forgets his or her place. Shadowstar is loyal to her clan, but will find it very difficult to form a truce, even a temporary one, with other clan leaders. However, given the circumstances, she will have no choice but to put her grieviences aside and do so.

Name: Poppyfur.
Age: Sixteen moons.
Clan and Position: Thunderclan Deputy.
Appearance: Dark red coat with white chest and paws, yellow eyes. Poppyfur also is fairly thin and wiry. Pic.
Brief Bio: Poppyfur was outside the camp on a hunting trip, when the disaster struck and the Twolegs appeared, armed with guns and sticks. Poppyfur panicked and ran off blindly, not knowing where she was running to. She got lost and only managed to find her way back after the damage was done, and most of her clan either killed or taken prisoner by the Twolegs. Poppyfur feels a secret shame at having run away rather than stayed to fight, and blames herself; even tho had she stayed, she would more than likely have been killed herself. She tends to get stuck on the details rather than focusing on the big picture, and tends to be very negative. Poppyfur worked hard at her training when an apprentice, and will always obey orders given. She became Deputy when the previous Thunderclan deputy, Greytail, died. She's naturally a loner, but will co-operate with others whenever necessary, and always defers to her leader.


Shadowstar's face showed cold anger in her icy green eyes. The disaster that had overcome the entire land, and had ravaged hers and other clans' territory, was something that she felt that could not be forgiven. Altho she knew that the only way for the clans to move forward was to meet up and move away to find new land for them to settle, in her heart she longed to wreak revenge on the Twolegs. They had destroyed the land and slaughtered several cats; all for nothing but their own selfish needs. Shadowstar stretched herself out carefully, each midnight black claw extended. Her tail twitched irritably as she realised it was time to head to the meeting place with her deputy. One thing was certain; Shadowstar had no intention of allowing the other clan leaders to take things over. Not for nothing had Shadowstar a reputation as a terrible and vicious fighter.


Poppyfur waited for her leader to give the word that it was time for them to go to the agreed meeting place. After the devastation that had been wreaked on their home, there was now nothing left for them. The forest had been razed; every single tree had been cut down, then cut up and hauled away. The river was full of refuse; some kind of sticky black oily substance, that Poppyfur had on more than one occasion smelt on the Twolegs' machines as she'd run in fear from them. She tried not to think about that; how she'd let her clan down. Instead, she thought about what had happened to the moor. The Twolegs had set it afire; the scent of burned grass still was there on the wind. It was a fitting symbol of the destruction of the cats' lives and homes, and showed without a doubt that there was nothing left for them to do but to travel and find a new home.

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