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Here is the inreo, in a seperate post due to the word limit

Change is unavoidable. Wherever living creatures make there homes there is a constant battle against the unexpected. Times when old becomes new and in turn new to old. Change is where our story begins. For as long as anyone can remember the cats have haunted the forests, hunted on the moors and run near the rivers edge. All that is left of the time before that is a legend.

The cats of the forests havenít always lived in separate clans, in relative peace. Before the clans there was nothing, with the exception of war. Cats hunted alone or in small packs, savages, and brother turned and fought brother. The rule of life was simple. You killed or you were killed. But the inevitable happened. Change came. It appeared in the form of four cats. Wind, Thunder, River and Shadow. They agreed upon a pact, the land would be split into four groups and they would break off to form four groups, each taking responsibility for their kin. And so were formed the four clans that have lived in close distance of each other until now.

It became custom for the four clan leaders to meet once every full moon near the Highstones, taking with them their deputy, their trusted companion in the wellbeing and safekeeping of their clan. Here matters of importance would be discussed and where it could be battle was avoided. Perhaps that was the most important part of this ritual, on the night of this meeting whatever fighting that was occurring would cease.
In this way the leaders could consult with the Starclan, the spirits of their ancestors. However after the latest meeting the Clan leaders and deputies returned to discover change had once again reared itís ugly head.

It had stridden among the two leggeds. The forest gone, the moor destroyed and the river full of a thick brown sludge. Worst of all, nearly every one of their clan members slaughtered to make way for the humans. They had no choice; all four leaders and deputies have agreed to meet once again at the Highstones, with any survivors. However they cannot remain here in their former home, thereís nothing left for them and survival is near impossible with the two leggeds threatening a certain death for any idiotic enough to remain.

The journey will be long, no one is sure of the final destination and dream of survival may at times seem hopeless. But nevertheless here they are the only remaining of the four strong colonies that once ruled the lands. Four Clan leaders, four deputies and the leftovers of the clans that they once ruled so proudly. Tensions between clan members will be high and friendships unsteady, connections may be formed and decisions that will undoubtabley be regretted, will be made. However the journey hasnít started yetÖand itís up to you, the last of the four clans where the destiny of you peers lies, be careful, choose wisely and most importantly never forget what it is that you fight for.

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